The Bun Story's Chapter

Friday, October 21, 2016 Heba Moeen 0 Comments

I happened to have tasted some buns sent by The Bun Story and let me tell you that these are great snacks. I especially liked the Chicken Fajita bun that had a scrumptious chicken filling inside.

These are good to have with tea in the evening, for breakfast or as lunch for school kids. I like the fact that it's better than junk food available quite often in school canteens. So if you wish your child to have clean and healthy food, The Bun Story could possibly be your preference! Or if you also wish to eat light food, some of their variants would rightly serve the purpose.

I liked these buns' combination with chilly Kurkure as they complimented the product really well. This brand is more like a conglomerate diversification and a new venture by and seems to be making its way to consumer palates. Their story (tagline) goes on like, 'Buns upon a time' and is quite interesting considering they have an interesting story to tell with each of their bun variants.

You can even order online and you should give it a try: The Bun Story  

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