5 Places you can visit other than Murree this summer

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By Umana Khan

Every time we talk about spending vacations in Pakistan the immediate go-to response that comes in our minds is of Murree. Murree is perhaps the most popular tourist destination in the country that’s literally located on top of a mountain, and this accounts for its absolutely breathtaking views of unending forestry amongst enormous mountains. 

But the adverse effects of tourism have taken a toll on this beautiful hill station making it become increasingly commercial with time.  So for all those nature lovers who’re looking for an alternative holiday destination that still has its beauty preserved in its original form, we have 5 great spots for you:

Popularly referred to as the Switzerland of Pakistan, the Swat Valley is blessed with possibly the best gifts of nature. Running streams, dense forestry, fruit orchards, and huge mountains are all picturesque elements that this district is known for. 

What can I do in Swat?
     Visit the Malam Jabba Ski Resort (If you’re visiting in winter)
     Trek the Hindukush mountain range
     View the Jarogo Waterfall, Kandol lake, and Shahi Bagh
     Visit the Kalakot village, Gabral River, Bahrain and Alpurai town, and Kalam forest.


Abbottabad is located in the northern side of the country and is often treated as only a transit city that’s used to get tourists from one place to another without being fully explored. But even when it’s given just half a chance, this city never fails to disappointment. It is greatly appreciated for its pleasant weather, natural attractions, and historic monuments. 

What to do in Abbottabad?

     Offer prayers in the sacred Ilyasi Masjid
     Go on a chairlift ride above the hills
     Go Hiking in the Shimla hills
     Enjoy a daytime picnic at Thandiani

Naran - Kaghan Valley

The Naran valley and Kaghan valley are both located only a short distance away from each other, so are often discussed under the same heading. Even though this location is pretty well-known, most tourists make the mistake of not allocating enough time to it - The places and views of these valleys are so incredibly beautiful that you just won’t want to look away! 

What to do in Naran-Kaghan?

     Visit the angelic Saif-ul-Mulook Lake
     Make a trip to the Siri Paye Meadows
     Visit Shogran to enjoy the forestry, panoramic views, and pleasant weather
     Make your way to the Ansoo Jheel (tear shaped lake), the Malikai Parbat (Queen of mountains), Lalazar, and Noori Top for the best scenic attractions.

Located in the far north of the country, Skardu is scattered with hills, plains, and gigantic mountain peaks. The shifting landscape of this city makes it a remarkable place to visit! 

What can I do in Skardu?

     Visit the mesmerizingly beautiful Deosai National Park
     Explore the ancient Kharphocho fort and K2 Museum
     Travel to the breathtakingly beautiful upper Kachura Lake

When visiting the heavenly lands of Azad Kashmir, prepare yourself for the unbelievably enchanting sights. The scenery, mountains, and forestry of Azad Kashmir are all so surreal that pictures can never do justice!

What can I do in Azad Kashmir?

     Visit the Banjosa lake of Rawalakot
     Scroll the Gurez Valley
     Visit the Red Fort and Pir Chinasi in Muzaffarabad
     View the Nergola Waterfall

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Pakistan is blessed with so many amazing sights and attractions that you can never claim to cover them all. Every time you go out looking, you’ll find something more beautiful hidden in its mere innocence, amidst commercial chaos.

About the Author: 
Umana Khan is a writer and a travel blogger who interested in exploring the culture of Pakistan from an in-depth perspective.

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