The making of the Coca-Cola Can - Pen Drawing

Friday, June 10, 2016 Hiba Moeen 7 Comments

Last Sunday, I tried killing the artist block that had invaded my very existence, I can't live a week without art and here I was not being able to produce anything worthwhile. 

So I decided to pick a reference the soft copy of which I took from my colleague a few months ago and had been procrastinating its art production. Procrastination for art doesn't actually happen with me, things have to happen right there and then in my 'Me Time' which could be after work or during the weekend. Honestly, I was afraid I won't be able to pull it off well.

So here is the reference that I decided to draw. This wonderful picture was snapped by his wife, Samra who runs a photography studio by the name, Manjoo Studio Photography

So here I began (apologies for the blurred image, I didn't realise it got blurred until I was entirely done with the drawing). Personally I really feel inspired by Marcello Barenghi however, my work isn't even close to the wonders of art he produces but practice makes the woman perfect. :)

As you can see above, the typography part was the most difficult and still to this day is an immaculate creation of penmanship. This was designed by Dr. John Pemberton's bookkeeper, Frank Mason Robinson in 1885. Well if you do not know who Dr. John Pemberton was then please observe a moment's silence the next time you consume Coca-Cola, this gentleman was the creator of this very soft drink we enjoy.

Moving on ... this is where I reached with the pen drawing and continued going towards the final stage:

Picture taken with Samsung Note 2

This is where I played with warm and cool colours. Where ever a dark shade was required as well as a three dimensional effect, I added in warm colours, for example green and some blue as well which happens to be a cool colour. I also used white gel pen for the white part and added some cross hatching of cerulean blue (Staedtler 0.3 mm pointer). Below is the colour wheel that differentiates between warm and cool colours.

So altogether, the materials that I used were:

1. Dollar Pointers (Pakistani origin: these are very cost effective and seem to come with an over substantiated amount of ink but the colours are limited. It's perfect for beginners),
2. Signature Pointers (Pakistani origin: these are very cost effective too and come in a variety of colours some of which even Dollar doesn't have),
3. Staedtler Pointers (German brand: The range of colours is phenomenal and fall in the higher price range),
4. Pentel Markers (I mostly used red because the red surface area was greater compared to the rest of the colours and it saved some time),
5. Silver Uniball Signo Pointer (Japanese brand),
6. Sakura Gelly Roll Classic Gel Pen - White  (Japanese brand: I haven't found the white ones in local art shops though some of their coloured pens are available. My brother had sent the white ones to me from Dubai and the brand is just wonderful).

And voila! Here is the completed art piece! Do share your feedback. :)  

Coca-Cola Pen Drawing - Picture snapped with my Samsung Note 5

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  1. The details from the image are brought with such careful precision into the drawing. Well done artist!

  2. Heyyyyy! Thanks for your comment, Hasan! I really appreciate it. :)

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