Thursday, December 10, 2009 Heba Moeen 12 Comments

I mean, "WHAT THE HELL!!!"
as in HELL, HELL.
Why do we get what we haven't paid for?
Why a service someone wasn't made for?
Are we test subjects for some credit hours?
Because a few assume we are from Mars!
Why do we run after grades,
when the knowledge gained just fades!
Frustration is all I smell . . .
Why are there service quality gaps?
when our commitments had no naps . . .
Patience and our minds have we lost,
when at this crucial time we need them the most!
The state of being 'fed up' has peaked,
while insomnia is now our host.
Hence, I repeat. . .

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  1. true hiba! I guess this gap needs to be filled in!...if only those responsible understand..
    what the bloody hell is the expression right on my mind at this moment!! :S

  2. correction for the second line . .. *made* you know what I mean right?

  3. agreed ... we are in a lab treated as subjects to perform experiments and if the result is good all fame is theres and if it is bad all fault is ours !!!

  4. I mean ofcourse the bottomline is that you come from the typical Pakistani average mentality, who at the same time wants to be "oh-so-cool and gossip gurly" so u wanna do something hip and strt a blog.

    but at the core, ur a classic paindo, whose parents cant even speak english, let alone fluently.

    You don't know who Jon and Kate Gosselin are. You don't know who Elin Nordorgren is. You probably just don't get American pop culture humor or British humor, cuz u average lame-ass paindos (to the point of throwing up!!) are boring religious freaks at heart.

    Please i hope im wrong, i hope im wrong. please tell me im wrong and You actually know what all the fuss about Tom Ford's new film is abt. (do u actually even know who Tom Ford is?) All the fuss abt "the hurt locker", and "Precious" thts been getting press lately.

  5. who ever you are please shutup ! And mind your language especially when it comes to parents . . . My blog is not meant for fools like you

  6. hey!! When did I use "abusive" language in the comment??

    jesussss!! All i ever said was that u probably r a paindo thats it!

    Why r u ppl so offended if someone says u guys cant speak proper English??

    btw, I'm right about everything I said cuz u clearly r a typical average paindo 20something studying in Pakistan, while the world is movingggggggg on, leaving all you ppl BEHIND!

  7. If you have anything against Pakistanis, it's not my problem !

    But if you can't understand English that's totally a different story . . . This post isn't meant for people like you so you won't understand either . . . It's simple English though.

  8. This anonymous person sounds soooo interesting. Perhaps he/she has serious issues with paindus which in other words can also be stated as having serious FAMILY issues. Its ok buddy, you dont need to be ashamed of your background. Being a paindu does not, literally speaking, mean a person is below the human level. I hope, i SERIOUSLY and HONESTLY hope that one day at least you can live to come up to this level. Well, you can always try.

    The thing is, you just portrayed yourself here. you just learned how to write and were feeling so excited that you couldn't even understand what this blog was all about and what anything meant.

    So mr. (or miss or whatever ur supposed to call urself if ur something in between the two), one shud respect others' freedom, (which u seem totally incapable of) but you can certainly try. Because I am pretty sure your parents were way better beings and tried to teach you that. I just pray that they had succeeded to some extent.

    As for me, I will just hope for the best for you and also hope that you wont prove your weird painduness to everyone here. And to the blog author, I can only say that certain things in life aren't meant to change, specially WANNA BE people who live their lives assuming they know it all n can do it all. I have enjoyed going through your posts occasionally. Trust me, westerners are not all like this guy which makes me doubt he is one.

    Have a nice day and happy blogging!

  9. @ Anonymous:
    Trust me whoever you are, you dont deserve to live among educated and civilised people. Since you are a paindu yourself, you find everyone like that.

    And what ever crap you wrote does not even go with the post; No matter how fluent or good english you have, you look like stupid fool through this post. So either you are mentally challenged, or are posting just to make sure you grill people; but this then makes you even a more BIG loser since you hide your name! Speak, but with your name in front, or else, SHUT UP!

  10. People this is some Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. Anonymous afraid to share his or her identity . . .

  11. wow o wow!! i take a sabbatical from the internet for 3 days and sh** hits the fan!

    sorry ppl for the absence, woah! u guys just lurvvvv 2 hate me, dont ya!

    look, ummmm . . okayyy how do i start,

    @AD ttlly agree with the fact that i got all excited and judged this blog on its face value without properly going thru it n all.

    and i DO respect other peoples freedom, thats one of the perks of the internet.

    BUT at the sam,e time, if you have a blog which is open for public viewing, why get all hyper and insecure when someone strts criticizing it. Just take it positively, oksy oksy i admit i was harsh and unfair with my comments. Hiba, i do apologize for that.

    you cud blame my lack of judgment on sum freudian slip of how frustrated i am living in this country, while all my cousins/friends r enjoying their "oh so cool" life in unis abroad partying, chugging the Keg, and then coming down to pakiland during their holidays and showing off their super duper sparkly western life and laughing at our faces at our paki universities we attend where the boys r paindu,ugly and the security/political situation in our country....ahhhhhhhhh!!

    hahahah too much eh? well i hope u got the jist of it.

    Also why all the fuss over my paindu fascination. its just that i thought upon reading ur blog that u might be some cheap paki trash trying to fake being a pretentious gucci handbag carrying, espresso chugging, khe-ban-shahbaz regular, o-a levels, Defence BUT ur clearly NOT !!! ur probably studying in szabist and tring to , i mean just trying ur level best to imitate those cool, beautiful, girls who hang out at espresso dinking their "oh-soexpensive" orange mocha maraschinos while buying gossip girl dvds from Sajid at Musiqa (*cringing*) YUCK!! (cant believe i went soo low in describing that!!)

    Okay OKAy ur not any of that that, just maing a point that. its all goood gurl. ur blogs cool.no offense, just got a lil carried off their (cmon "Anonymous" (me) get a grip of urself)

  12. @ annoyomus i just really dont understand what actually you wanted to prove here..... in ur whole discussion it doesnt made any sense and seriously i tell you one thing you are not criticizing here you are being jealous or dont believe that people in pakistan have blogs.... i would suggest you if u have to criticize anyone come up with your name dont hide your identity here hiba is not being paindo here u r paindo who is afraid of his own identity.... i have learned one thing the true brave person is one who says truth on face and if u have courage then come up with ur identity done be looser hiding identity cynical guy ..... one thing more read the topic of blog it is occasional dairy and also go read the defination of blog first and then comment on any one.....