"Titleless Admiration"

Monday, December 28, 2009 Heba Moeen 0 Comments

You mean everything in life to me,
I have waited enough . . .
But hindrances do I still see!
Such a journey couldn't have been more painful,
while many suggest it's the most gleeful.
So much I have been through just to get to you . . .
But I still doubt what people say about me and you!
48 doors have I seen . . .
To have you I'm still so keen.
Time have I lost apart from a lost mind,
but you are the one I should soon find.
In the course of time allergies have I developed,
however, immunity is the cure . . .
I am told we are just months apart,
while I hopelessly wait with all my heart!
I chose to have you and I'm going to get to you,
I am helpless and desperate too . . .
Being together is what I see.
Graduation you have meant everything in life to me !!!

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