2012 and MBA

Monday, December 28, 2009 Heba Moeen 0 Comments

If the world ends in 2012,
I won't waste money on MBA.
If predictions come true,
I shall soon put my books away . . .
Swimming for life would become my norm,
jungle resident would become my crazy, nasty form.
I would fight for traces of land,
grow a farm and steal neighbours' chickens to expand!
What's happening?
Oh the Earth's crust, the Earth's crust . . .
. . . it's the elite generated quakes for power's lust.
It's their hologram for eternal mess,
but Freemasons would never confess!
They must create hype,
to see their capitalisation go ripe.
But if the world really ends into pieces,
why waste time for another crazy Thesis?
I must learn the jungle language too;
'Yabaadabaa doo','Yabaadabaa doo','Yabaadabaa doo!'
I would miss my education,
for it tried to change me . . .
But in it's efforts I graded it a big 'C'.
Ocean waves, skies and land await this late December,
for it would turn into 2013 and jerk people off their slumber . . .

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