The Scrumptious Gouda Burger & Sweet Potato Fries

Sunday, October 23, 2016 Heba Moeen 0 Comments

Pantry's Gouda Burger and Sweet Potato Fries
Fridays are mostly fun days, considering the fact that the weekend is around the corner and that you can plan to have lunch outside once in a blue moon, that is, if your work load allows. Yesterday I happened to have visited the Pantry (located in Zamzama, Karachi) with my gang. I consider one of them to be a food specialist so I end up following his food recommendations quite religiously and I'm glad we went to eat something completely out of the world.

Since, I am a burger person when it comes to dining out, my friend, Shahzad suggested me to order the Gouda Burger with sweet potato fries; the sideline was something quite an innovation and I loved it. Not all may prefer sweet potato fries but it's a must have nonetheless, at least give it a try and experiment with your taste palate even if you can think outside the usual potato (well it's something your Prime Minister gauges the strength of the economy with, not to mention payey). As far as the Gouda Burger is concerned, it's one of the best burgers in town; the translucent cheese coupled with the juicy patty added to the eating pleasure with each bite. More so, the presentation was sufficiently creative as well, a knife had been thrust in, passing through a pickled cucumber. I believe that ketchup and the coriander sauce complemented the burger as opposed to the fries because these sauces were already sweet so it's not recommended to have sweet potato fries with these sauces.

Rather, my friend requested for the Chipotle aioli that was the best combination for these sweet potato fries which I couldn't have enough of, trust me they are that good. This particular sauce has a Mediterranean origin and is made of garlic and olive oil, and is ridiculously delicious! So if you go to the Pantry to have this Heavenly burger with this choice of fries, now you know which sauce to ask for.

Chipotle aioli
Below is another angle of my order. It was quite fulfilling and being priced at Rs. 750, the rate matches that of restaurants of the same standing.

My friend had ordered  the Mushroom Mac n Cheese which though seemed to have a small serving to the naked eye was heavily sufficient for a normal person. The combination of the thick, creamy cheese, and pasta was a great treat. I tasted it and it was good, though it might appear a bit too salty for people who prefer less salt in their food. However, if you are a pasta person, do not miss this.

And all this time I completely forgot about mentioning the innovation we had as a starter. So here it is! Lettuce wraps! These were served with shredded carrots and chicken with a combination of sauces, one of them being the peanut sauce. Imagine, if you were to eat this everyday for lunch, those extra dreadful inches would be no where to be seem but we are burger lovers aren't we (at least I am)?

Picture courtesy: Friend with Oppo Mobile
 And since it's the weekend, I can so relate to the cat I saw last afternoon, sleeping it's tired soul off! Just look at this kitty!

Until the next burger post I'll have coffee. Ciao! :)

All pictures have been snapped with my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 unless otherwise stated. If some appear blurred and pixelated, that's a template issue which I am trying to fix.


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