Safar Badnamah (Season 1, Episode 11) “Ungrateful People . . . Pakistanis by mistake?”

Monday, August 23, 2010 Heba Moeen 3 Comments

Yesterday as I was going for my class everything seemed calm and quiet unlike the situation overall. One reason I like classes on Sunday’s is because there are no traffic jams and classes are in the morning, however, those still ending in the evening this particular day still disgust me as then the return in the bus is with the target market of Sea View and Jinnah Hospital as I have mentioned quite a few times before as well.

On my way to school I couldn’t help admire Peek Freans billboard that endorsed a huge picture of their biscuit gift pack . . . yes it was at the same place other than the flyover opposite to FTC . . . it was at the same biscuit corner of biscuit front, the same place where Bakeri’s billboard used to be when they used to be out of stock . . . it was at the turning point of Punjab Colony as you take the road towards Forum . . .if only I could take a picture, if only the seatS occupying elephant wasn’t next to be squeezing my remaining fat and bones . . .

In the class we were made to watch ‘Soldier Boy’s’ MOST annoying video that brought us at the verge of begging our teacher to stop it because it was annoying in all ways but good for the teacher he had gone out for a while. These videos make us realise that in order to be an entrepreneur you could be the most irritating, annoying and crazy person on earth but good for you the target market could be like you as well, your seemingly small idea could turn out to be a big idea . . . This world is not a small place when it comes to accommodating lunatics. . .

On my way back it took ages to get the bus . . . Sunday remember? I still liked the space I got to occupy . . .ahhh . . . less people finally, less humans =P.
There was to land a lady whom I felt like chopping down and feeding to eagles . .. some people don’t deserve to live in Pakistan even if they are living peacefully. The woman who sat next to me after Teen Talwar was as obnoxious as I could have expected, or at times I just don’t feel like talking to people in the bus, in quietness there could be wisdom.

“Exxxcussssse me . . . Whut issss tyyymme?” she asked me, looking ashamed to speak her own language, or it was the way things appeared to be, I had to tell myself to get off with that stereotyping attitude but later whatever she said made me want to wrench her throat with the Pakistani flag itself.

At Cantt Station there was a poor guy who was unloading a bicycle off a huge bus, he had the bicycle on his head . . . well poverty can persuade you to handle various forms of burden.

“There is no check and balance and laws over here . . . “she said, “Pakistan is a village now nothing more.” She said sarcastically. Her pronunciation of forced and much thought about English words was tormenting for the ear and then she couldn’t stop bluffing about how the Goras have a great society and . . . “When goras come to Pakistan they become sick and have to leave in just a week.”

Well I had to tell her that it is our very own people who throw litter on the streets even if they have lived abroad and when you tell them not to pollute the roads and the streets they tell you that you aren’t living in NewYork.

But she couldn’t stop her conversation about well ‘angraize’. “Angraize take everybody together in their country and society but over here people just want to do everything for themselves only and go about finding their own ways!”

This was too much to bare, “Well then it is this angraize who then decides to attack and ruin other countries!” I told her . . . how selfish could they get to find their own goodwill in the other person’s despair. Even for the flood victims they promised to provide aid with one hand but are sending drones with the other hand as if they are origami planes! People like her like to live like slaves I guess . . . when you can’t do anything for Pakistan, at least don’t talk crap about it! Selfish morons!

And then there was traffic jam at the same place. “This is Pakistan” the bus conductor said sarcastically . . . but then I can attribute his words to ‘Jahalat’. This stupid woman couldn’t have agreed more with him. “Exactly my point!” he said laughing away.

Hello! Bus drivers! You are the ones who break traffic laws, over speed when you are running short of time because you will be fined if you don’t reach your destination on time! You drive buses like fighter planes at times and as result you are often the cause of traffic jams!

What has Pakistan got to do with all this? Why does the country get to be blamed for the foolishness the people are involved in?

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  1. if you ignore the bluntness of my critique and let the fact - that your writing is unfortunately still very 'amateur-ish' and needs restructuring - sink in, you will probably do more justice to it in the future.
    Which is to say that putting together a coherent-enough article or two does not suffice. And it is certainly nothing to be overly-proud of.
    And this matters because you not only write here but on a blog called 'PakMediaBlog' as well. So work harder lest you embarrass yourself on a more public platform (certainly not a place to experiment) i.e. the afore-mentioned blog.

  2. Hello Well Wisher,

    Well, had you been a real well wisher you would not have been afraid to reveal your real name whoever you are . . .

    As far as my writing style is concerned you are not my teacher or the owner of this blog or my mentor that I might need to follow your instructions . . . So people like you only encourage me to improve and write more . . . and that is to say . . . whatever I feel like writing even if that is bad language because it's my personal blog! So I don't really care.

    Lastly, PakmediaBlog and this blog are separate from each other hence the difference in what I write for both. Eventually, neither am I embarrassed of the words I type nor the publisher at PMB! I guess unfortunately you will have to live with it or stop reading what I write.

    Thank you!

  3. Hello,

    Well.. since you do not know me (not even remotely), i felt like there was no need to introduce myself formally.
    You seem to have taken the comment rather well and i am pleased you draw courage from it (be it with gritted teeth).

    And even though i would have liked to say more and argue over the difference in perception, i feel it will be quite pointless - the intruder that i am.
    So with the hope that you continue to improve, i bid my farewell!

    P.S: I am Ali btw, in case you needed a name to frown at.