Olpers Ramzan Campaign

Friday, August 27, 2010 Heba Moeen 0 Comments

-->Every Ramzan Olpers brings about a treat for the eye which leaves behind a viral trail for everyone to discuss and share on social networks. Olpers Ramzan campaign is a blend of vintage treasures and gleeful moments that depict the true spirit of Ramzan, such is the case of the much appreciated old songs that are part of their campaign almost every year. Hence, the nostalgia and emotions triggered generate much of brand recall. 

The cultural aspect highlighted upon reveals the togetherness and family values of the entire Muslim culture no matter what the nationality. Thus, Olpers association with the family and cultural aspect continues it’s journey each Ramzan. 

Every time, people from various cities and countries are shown celebrating the moment of happiness whether it’s the preparation for Sehri or Iftar; time difference continues but faith, love and affection stay the same as a result of the prevailing norm of the Holy month of Ramzan.
In the recent campaign, Olpers focuses on this aspect by showing children of different nationalities who share the same sentiments. Be it a hurt human being or a hurt animal, these values teach people to care and share for everyone starting from their childhood stage, hence, the depiction in this campaign. 
With such campaigns each year, Olpers packaging also becomes their unique selling proposition in the entire House of Brands of Engro for a well supported ending pharse, “Olpers! Mukammal Doodh.”
And so the chorus begins . . .

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