"SZABIST Students unite to find Hope for Flood Victims"

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 Heba Moeen 2 Comments

The youth of a country is definitely it’s backbone and great nations are able to survive because of the efforts put in by their people despite any awestruck situation, be it a natural disaster or any other mishap. Similarly, during the hard time Pakistan is facing, it’s people are making sure that they support their brothers and sisters who have been rendered homeless as a result of the recent floods.

Similarly, students of SZABIST put in a great effort to extract the gems of our society. Yes!!! On road this time. ‘Azaadi Flood March’ is an activity that started off on August 14 blended with hues of white and green, revealing the true spirit of patriotism. It was officially inaugurated with the National Anthem sung by each heart and soul at the boundaries of Dou Talwar.

While the mourning nation witnessed it’s 63rd birthday, these students made sure they were out on the road for a good cause no matter what the weather felt like during this month. With about 70 students involved including the dean herself, Dr. Fouzia Khan , the day began with money being collected from people around the vicinity. Boys and girls walked brandishing flags and carrying money boxes they made. It was not just the rich in cars but generous contributors even included motorcycle, taxi and rickshaw drivers making each rupee count and it was just a matter of two hours when almost Rs. 113,000 were collected.

The following day, that is, Sunday turned out to be another trend setter for us as emotions poured in to support our flood victims and whether those on foot or those stopping their cars to assist, collectively pooled in a total of Rs. 267,436 in the same, 2 hours only. Camps have been set up within campus as well and this campaign will continue throughout this month. Non Szabistians are welcome too. Remember it is not just the effort of a single institute but of every Pakistani around!

This shows how united our nation is when we need each other through thick and thin. Each one of us is a brand ambassador for our country who aims at building it again and covering each other’s wounds.

It takes a very strong heart to watch news channels these days that broadcast the extreme extent of such a disaster and eyes brimming with tears no matter what age a human they belong to, it’s hard to hold back emotions when you see adults crying helplessly. Hats off to the army and to those people who are making sure they support as much as possible and lend a helping hand to those in despair.

This disaster has been far more severe than Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake of Haiti and the aftermath  is worse beyond imagination.

Below is a picture of a beautiful house that has been destroyed, quite a number of the victims were affluent people who owned bungalows and hotels but now unfortunately rendered homeless and brought on the ground. There must have been people who were more financially fit than us and those who used to give donations but now are worthy of donations themselves. 

Who will give them hope? Who will build their houses again? This is the time to help, step forward and make a difference!!!

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  1. It brings a great deal of self satisfaction when we know that we can help our people ourselves . . . :)