Safar Badnamah (Seaon 1, Episode 10): “Idiotic Media Channels; GEO, ARY etc . . . Protesting idiots!”

Tuesday, August 10, 2010 Heba Moeen 0 Comments

Yesterday I got off from home to attend my evening class, I was surprised to have had hardly any sneeze of drizzle in our area while North Nazimabad was said to have witnessed cats and dogs.

I had left home hoping there won’t be any chaotic situation on the roads due to rain so that I would be able to reach my destination. However, the road was a mess and yes starting from Cantt Station again. My God! Why can’t I have a better route? Well this time it was a horrible traffic jam starting from that very place and according to the dilapidated post rain condition one would wish his/her sense of smell to stop functioning temporarily . . . at least in that area which is home to filth and garbage and people peeing around. Why can’t we learn to respect our street corners? These people just do it and look around before doing it to make sure no one’s watching, however, everybody is watching them. We should stop them! Our city isn’t a bathroom! Yes! I had developed a habit of keeping used batteries to target these jerks from my window.

Thank goodness the bus made through that area but to encounter another series of traffic jam at race course . . . no use of flyovers. This got me wondering what if I get a job how would I be able to reach for my classes on time. Well . . . what if? ‘If’ is a big question . . . I will see to it when there is any change in my situation why start worrying from now on?
The bus had just crossed Forum when the driver told that people to get at Dou Talwar should do so now, at KPT Underpass. Furious I wanted to know who the hell of any political figure had got the road blocked. I started off my fast paced walk while saying a little prayer for my phone since when you are walking alone you might get accompanied by someone all of a sudden. In this kind of situation all rickshaws seem absent even if only the big vehicles are not allowed. I walked and walked and finally saw the cause of such lunacy . . . This time it was the media channels with their vans! IDIOTS! EXTREME JAHILS for what they were doing. GEO and ARY vans were first to be seen with their ‘aliens to communicate with dish antennas’ on top of the vans.

They were protesting against the government to have banned their channels. I agree it was a very childish act by our government for doing so because the entire world knows that the president was attacked by shoes so there’s no way Pakistani citizens can be kept oblivious to this incident, it just availed another chance of being a cry baby. However, these media channels are better cry babies for blocking people’s way and protesting like this. They just gave an impression that they have nothing better to do in the world but to waste their time and other people’s time like that. What are they getting out of this act besides shooting this SHIT and playing this clip on TV. I’m sorry for using this term as I have never used it in any of my posts so far but this is how they made me feel. Bullshitters! 

I’m also not saying all this because I had to walk all the way from the underpass to Dou Talwar and beyond to reach my school and that is what heated up my temper level but think about these selfish morons, they were protesting and causing problems for people on the road, people at Dou Talwar and people who had to reach that place. Too bad if you travel by public transport but what if there is no other choice. With their slogans, ‘GEO per paabandi namanzoor’ whom are they benefitting besides creating useless fuss.

And talk about their responsible citizenship! Ahh well they proved to be extreme and ultimate jahils! They point fingers at other people for being jahils or ruining the country, that no doubt they are doing but just look at how nicely these media channel employees were representing their companies and how they were being good to their roads and streets. There were PET bottles lying on the roads, those were the bottles that they would have protested with or maybe they drank the water and decided to throw the trash there only. Responsible citizens aren’t they? 

They talk about others who are bad to public property and how electricity should be saved etcetera etcetera and how we can contribute towards being a better citizen. Remember their stupid Mr. Jeem . . . well it’s Jeem for Jahalat as well isn’t it? Their strong words, 'GEO Aur Jeenay Dou', doesn't apply to them when they themselves are required to use it in practical terms.

So they were just a value addition to the filth and garbage accumulated on the roads every day. Did somebody shoot that? No because they want to portray the stuff their own way why would they want to give the other side of the story no matter how insignificant or significant. But this was something very significant!

Had I left home on time and not way before time as I did I would have got late for my class because of these idiots! They weren’t doing anything worthwhile; we students are at least doing something significant by studying and not being monkeys on the roads like them!

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