Safar Badnamah (Season1,episode 5) . . . "Breakfast"

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It’s been a long time since I dropped by and today I get to have a day off after many days which undoubtedly seems like ages. Sleepless days and nightmares are what you get (obviously when you get to sleep) when you are doing BBA but it’s worth it, especially, when you happen to choose the program and school yourself. Then who do you blame? =D Honestly speaking I’m happy to be where I am right now and quite satisfied with that decision.
So . . . nightmares . . . Well the frequency of each nightmare increases towards the end of each semester and the most annoying part for me is the recap of the entire day in my dream. Arrggggh! It appears that I’m still thinking while sleeping. Secondly, the most horrifying course of last semester, ‘thesis’ is still part of my nightmares and not just that but some one else too . . . sshhhhhh ! I will say no more. J
Though I wanted to update the blog on Saturday, the work schedule was quite reluctant to spare me and well I had a big dose of Advertising course to consume (revision) for my advertising hourly a night before. On Saturday mornings, I just feel like a germ about to be treated by the anti bacterial lecture . . . Commander Safeguard is turning out to be a favourite character and yes I do use Safeguard.
It was 7:10 that morning on Saturday, a time for many beings to have breakfast, I had it too and since I was up the entire night, one can call it the continuation of dinner though not dinner like in appearance. The unpredictable schedule of BBA got me into the habit of having breakfast, something I never had in the eleven years of school . . . I remembered, in school I once had breakfast in class II and when I puked in school after having it, I never had it again in my life at school.
Anyway, let’s talk about the present . . . I was passing through my street at a quick pace making sure I get the bus on it’s time, I chanced upon a cat that was having grass, yes it was grass and that was a cat . . . the grass was being eaten by the cat . . . silly cat? No! It Probably was a sick cat in search of some herbal remedy. As I got towards the main road, I felt heartbroken at what I saw  . . . the newspaper vendor was too having breakfast but something to pity upon was the sort of food he was having. He had a piece of extremely stale break, may be from a night before that he was trying his best to chew with his old teeth. That particular kind of oven baked bread available in my street isn’t worth eating when freshly baked, it’s too bad. Apart from that he didn’t even have tea or water. In a few minutes a ‘hanging belly’ carrying police man came and took two news papers from him which he didn’t even pay for or he probably must have borrowed it but most of them are morons and these morons believe in bribe and not borrowing.
I got my bus, sat in . . . and took my Advertising Lee and Johnson out to revise. After reading a few words and observing a few bill boards I felt sleepy . . . Eventually I dozed off. When I woke up after 10 minutes, I realised that school is near, I put my book back into the bag and regretted not revising much.
I just love Clifton due to the availability of all forms of wild life in the city . . . Ah! Don’t get me wrong . . . I mean wild life, not obnoxious people who could be anywhere and part of your un wild life. There one can see species of birds, especially the ring neck parakeets in the morning and around sunset. The humming birds are simply an eye candy, and I relate to this place more since I got to have my schooling done from here as well.
As I came near 90, what I saw was simply amazing . . . There are sunflower plants outside the Indonesian Embassy house and the petals have just withered away leaving behind drying sunflower seeds on top of the calyx. There sat a parrot munching the elite breakfast and the sight was just beautiful. Had I not been too stressed out because of my hourly I would definitely have snapped a picture. I went near the bird and it just flew off on the branches above and kept staring me down making sure to get back to the flower when I go away. There were two more parrots on the fences as I hurried towards school. That one was a ring neck parrot and the other two had bright red beaks which make me deduce that they were still babies, not even a year old. Oh . . . they can learn how to mimic.

I recall . . . the sight of the cat that we saw at 100 was pretty devastating for some as they thought that the campus cat had died. It lay like a human being with eyes half open. It’s no doubt a glutton haunting lunch in the afternoon and takes in any eatable whether it’s left over briyani, chips or biscuits.

But the cat was pretty much alive, it just got lazy after over eating.

Trip for our Advertising Work:
We went for our advertising project work this Monday and our entire group kept on observing bill boards and advertisement related material. We chanced upon Frutilly’s  billboard and thank God that was a changed from Meera inflicted ‘Tarang’ one adjacent to FTC. Fruitilly is owned by the ‘House of Brand’, ‘National’ and what according to the display seemed to be a ‘shadow endorser’ appeared as if it had the name adapted from the candy, ‘Fruitella’.
Everyday’s billboard had the statement endorsing it that said, ‘Tum mein hai kuch khass’, but I wonder why the husband was grey and the wife in coloured version as you can see in the picture. That was probably because she got him with his college girl friend’s phone call and hence the paleness was shown on the billboard too . . . =P
(The picture is broken in half due to view related issue)
  Half portion)

As we neared the advertisement agency we were to go meet someone, there was Owsum’s billboard, though I’m totally against the concept of their ‘Milk Monster’ the billboard is nice . . . but, well . . .  wrong spelling . . . =D It would definitely affect spelling bee’s.
I have got too much against the brand name that I fear it might become the focus of my MBA Thesis.

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  1. uff forgive engro already. They just wanted something with an O. Beecharay :P But again Hiba, amazingly written. I love ur keen observation. I got emotional while reading it. I am looking forward to your blog abt job experiences already :P

  2. i already know for a fact ur doing ur mba thesis on Owsum!!! :P:P
    Wonderfully written, cant wait for the next episode ;)

    P.S: the brand that ur talking about, which comes under National is Fruitily not Fruitilla.
    Cheers :)

  3. @ Nazish: Thanks for your interesting comments my avid reader :P

    Yes I really hope its the way you are projecting my future. I like your optimism :P

    @Mehr: Thanks for the reminder and pointing out my mistake, I just corrected it. Till the next episode let's just have a commercial break. . . :D
    ANd yes let's just hope it does not become my MBA thesis. =P

  4. omg . like wow. hiba darling u are such a keen writer and observer... and u have such a nice ability to put together everything in such perfectly imaginable words (i hope u get what i mean here :P) u amaze me every time :) keep it up!

  5. LOL !
    Thanks Sana . . . I'm glad I'm not boring people that much. :)
    Hahaha ! I mean, you perceive . . . You elaborate and I understand . . . =D