Safar Badnamah (Season1,episode 6) . . . "I own SZABIST . . . Hey wait! Somebody else owns it too"

Sunday, May 02, 2010 Heba Moeen 4 Comments

This Friday as I was going to school, I decided to start revising my Experiential Marketing course for the exam the same evening. The day was hot and humid with a dry breeze mingled with the engine stench and moronic smokers’ cigarette smoke in the bus.
Thankfully I had got a nice seat to sit in the bus and was enjoying the not at all crowded bus of the evening. For a change, the flyover at Regent Plaza has tried to make life more miserable and prone to a longer route. However, the speed it has been made with scares the passive smoke ridden lings out of me, especially when I get to see the not yet joined joints up above the world so high targeting potential traffic. . . hush, hush . . . no worries . . . it’s still work in progress.
As the bus neared, Cantt Station, I was amazed and surprised and awe struck at what I saw on the bus glass . . . it was a car sticker on this public bus and not a usual car sticker . . . It was Szabist car sticker . . . though with the ‘T’ taken away. I am part of SZABIST, I own SZABIST . . . but hey wait, somebody else owns it too . . . but why is it owned by a public bus? How did the sticker go and paste itself to the public Bus? Who took the ‘T’? I just wonder.
It just seemed so funny that I couldn’t stop myself from taking a picture . . .

The billboard at near Punjab Colony then grabbed my attention, It belongs to Gul Ahmed and I must say, the dressing shown is pretty vulgar . . .

What do you call such a dress? Well if it is a dress in any way . . . Does it give a picture of it’s target market? Maybe it’s skimmed prices have helped the brand develop it’s market and this is their target market now with it’s see through fabric . . . There’s a big question mark.
When I’m sleep deprived, I try to observe things and billboards around to keep myself from falling asleep. There is another very attractive and luxurious sort of billboard where Candi has advertised it’s chocolate chip biscuits, it’s an ‘extreme close up’ of the biscuits that produces a mouth watering situation . . . anyway it was hot and I was thirsty. I hope they work on the brand’s taste just like they are working on it’s promotion.

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  1. Nice observations! I seriously cannot think of any way that sticker could have come to be on the bus!!! Weird!
    Well the Gul Ahmed billboard clearly shows the route our dear fashion industry is taking! Open your eyes inside szabist hibi!
    Candi should seriously improve the taste of their cookies!!

  2. Thanks for visiting Mehr!
    HAha I know . . . Szabist has witnessed market penetration :) . ..
    I know I do see the target audience of Gullo inside school as well . . . some people just forget what clothes were meant for . . . to cover themselves properly . . .
    And yes, Candi should improve the taste!

  3. very well written and nice observation and gul ahmad bilboard so dear please visit chenone billboard as well so you will come to know these things are in the market.

  4. Hey Saeed thanks for dropping in . . .
    haha now let me see Chen One's billboard . . . that doesn't fall in my route :)
    Actually CrossRoads billboard is really weird too . . .