Little Tim died . . .

Wednesday, May 05, 2010 Heba Moeen 4 Comments

Little Tim died in the arms of his best friend, 'Loneliness' . . . 
his past led to a self induced passiveness.
Till his last breath he had a tumour growing within,
though not physically present it made him weak and thin.
It was a tumour of past secrets,
that made visible his bleeding heart's invisible tears, 
for every silent moment invoked his worst fears.
The entire world seemed to be his friend,
while hardly few proved to be the true ones till the end.
Tim wanted to share the cause of such silence,
reveal his self destructing secret and acknowledge resilience.
But his time came too soon,
when loneliness let go of him during a dark night brightened by full moon.
Little Tim is now dead!
His few friends mourn,
while the rest of the world shows the tears it shed . . .

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  1. wonderfully written hiba...

  2. awesome hibz!!
    sadia here

  3. little tim died what's so awesome about it?
    Lol . . . thanks . . . hehe