Demise of Hotmail

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 Heba Moeen 8 Comments

I have many users,
yet I am alone.
My positioning strategy was perfect,
now I don't know what's wrong!
Viral marketing worked well,
assuming; in the inbox, people will now dwell.
If space is what you need,
I also give 5 GB . . . 
Why are my competitors taking the lead?
I think whether my existence 'was' or 'will be' . . .
I tried to scare people that they will be charged,
'Damn you ! We have options', they said.
In with a professional stunt Gmail barged !
Oh ! I just wept and bled.
You can manage 'junk',
then why rely on Gmail spam free account?
Now my market share has just shrunk,
I swear, please stay I won't charge you any amount.
I have a cool messenger,
then why do you return after ages?
What's there in Gtalk? I ask.
Am I only left for your class e-groups?
oh I'm tangled in competitors' loops . . .
Come back ! Come back ! Come back!

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  1. Hiba only you could have written a poem about hotmail and incorporated marketing concepts into it aswell!!! lolz!
    Well Done!! :D:D

  2. LOL ! Hotmail is dying . . . I don't even use it for my mails . . . Gmail no doubt has a competitive edge over it . . .
    I only use Msn Messenger now and that too is very rare . . . =D

  3. Well done heba, this is so nice :) gud job i like !

  4. Pretty Sweet - That is awesome :)

  5. Hi Atwixt,

    Thanks for dropping in and reading too . . . please mention your name . :)

  6. wah..
    jst cz u aint using it u wrote a poem :P gud job btw :)
    never knew u had a blog :D

  7. Hey Moiz!

    Hahaha! Yes . . . you can say I'm biased =P
    Thanks for dropping by . . .:)