Wednesday, April 07, 2010 Heba Moeen 0 Comments

At one point in time,
life allows you a closer look.
When everything just seems fine,
it turns into an unpredictable book.

You never know what the next page holds,
as each character is revealed and bitter truth unfolds.
It's an exciting page turner,
what seems to be a short myth,
could make man a great learner.
And this is what's called 'Transition';
where characters become part of the story;
some through their kind nature and some just because they were meant to be,
however, each has a separate destiny.

People enter and leave your transit period,
some who were once called friends,
sail through different shores.
It becomes difficult to make amends,
when transition reaps thorny foes.

Hence, it is an undeniable fact,
that everybody has both.
You just have to be firm and intact,
when your back becomes vulnerable to such bacterial growth !

There will always be a purpose to serve,
and play your role.
During or after (transition) you would get what you deserve,
and it would be meant for your soul.

It's the lasting impact that some leave on you;
through their importance and true worth.
And make you a complete person,
that you are as a result.

Once all this ends, 
tomorrow will be a new transition,
A new player,
but somewhat a similar situation.
For some it will be smooth while for some a roller coaster ride towards their destination !

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