Tuesday, March 02, 2010 Heba Moeen 0 Comments

(written in 2004)

The sea is crazy ,
it makes one feel lost into it.
When life seems hazy,
it's the place where to feel fit.
As sunset approaches near,
the sea gulls go brandishing the fish they catch;
which seems a charm so dear.
The horizon then fades the day tinge it loves to snatch.
When the turbulent waves settle in peaceful silence,
to send spine chilling worries of one's sense;
the blending hues of night . . . 
mingled with full moon fright,
cast macabre shadows of the sea so immense.
When still being lost into it,
the sea asks the purpose of one's life . . .
"I have purposes to serve to a greta limit,
what's yours and how far will you thrive?!"
Yielding the thoughts into the sea's depths,
makes one realise . . . *what will become of life* . . . 
Pondering over it in various steps,
makes the person discover the ends towards the cliffs it paves;
as if to extract one's future from it's waves . . .

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