"Double Faced Hypocrisy"

Sunday, March 07, 2010 Heba Moeen 2 Comments

I see a lot of people,
multiplied by double faces . . .
I feel their deeds,
leaving behind evil traces . . . 

One face seeks personal opportunity,
though at others' expense.
The other seeks betterment of humanity,
while it's nothing but pretense.

Stab me in front than at the back,
for it hurts less.
But this realisation double faces will always lack,
while they continue causing stress.

I witness a lot of blame game,
just to gain a comparatively better position.
It's the thirst for fame,
and act of politics addiction.

I see lying being the main attribute,
thus becoming the cause of each dispute.
Everyday it's the same double face,
trying to show dignity and grace.

What's the reason for such hypocrisy?
Why such self centered stupidity?
I see it all and everywhere,
till it makes your wounds totally bare . . .

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  1. Hiba, If i owned a newspaper, i would have made u columnist for sure :) The reason for this hypocrisy is none other than selfishness and the delusion that whatever we do will stay here only... Unfortunately, Corporate world is full of such people. It is good that we have received an exposure to such hypocrites.

  2. Thanks for being my fan Nazish . . . LOL =D
    YEs . . . such politics is undeniable but I'm glad to have had a taste of it before entering the corporate world . . . :)

    Thanks for reading . . .