"Safar Badnamah . . . (Season 1, episode 3)"

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 Heba Moeen 0 Comments

My class had got off and I paced from 100 to 90 towards the Makai wala with a friend. All of a sudden a ferocious looking black hound came out from the old building in between. It was really huge, shiny and compact . . . It was what could be described as horribly healthy, it came out jumping merrily when one of my class mates revealed friendly gestures towards this being and later kept patting it. With moments it happily came near the barrier placed and took a leak. I will be careful while walking between these closely knit barriers the next time I thought.

A few days back as I walked towards Dou Talwar I noticed that it had been hijacked by all brands of lawn that one could see and as if all the target market of lawn in the world exists here . . . The funniest of all is the billboard of Firdous Lawn with a picture of Kareena Kapoor. Is she endorsing it? Or is it just photoshop  about to be sued by neighbours? Well it's the zero sized Bulimia of Firdous loyal people . . .
Recently the Sonia Batla lawn exhibition had taken place and like all other exhibitions of it's kind it was a pain for people on roads trying to reach their destinations on time. I wonder what pleasure people derive out of shopping in general and these exhibitions for the niche . . . Anyway, I have to respect their weird habits even though I'm allergic to going for shopping or such suffocating exhibitions.

For a beginning 5 or 10 minutes the bus drivers fly the buses and compete to reach on time and trust me that's the fun part and keeps you from getting bored while you also realise that these could be your last moments on Earth. Racing towards flyover turns is the scariest of all.

I was relived to see Jinnah Hospital's road being blocked due acne being grown on the road's skin . . . Yes another might be useful flyover. Since, the road is blocked a little bit of time is saved which used to get wasted in 15 to 20 minutes worth of traffic jam and now less of Jinnah's target audience . . . ahhhhh . . . phewww!!!

Well recently McDonald's 'Kiya Cheez Hai' billboard poster got replaced by some 11-BIG-Mac's and I perceive it not to be as sexiest as the previous one, it's something different for a change.

As I got upstairs towards home I was welcome as usual by the vegetarian building cats who spare no chance at beating me to reach home before I do while I fall prey to my tired lungs . . . Poor cats feel happy with the cread, biscuits and fruits I feed them . . . Imagine water melon being eaten by a cat . . .a cat which is supposed to be a carnivorous animal . . .

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