"Safar Badnamah . . .وبيضة. . . (Season1, episode 4)"

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A traveler's greatest nightmare is the vicinity of Cantt  Station. It's a curse for people traveling in overloaded buses . . . it's an abuse . . . abuse to the road! But wait a minute where did the road come from? There isn't any road left . . . oh yes, there was once a road that perished due to heavy rain and continuous sewerage spills throughout the year.

So . . . the bus turned towards Cantt and one of it's tyres fell into a small, cute, naughty ditch . . . and the bus, in fact half of it tilted with probably an angle of 40 degrees, maybe even more. In simple words, the bus became a victim of the ditch and was about to fall sideways completely . . . or at least that's how my imagination got wild because the side the tyre fell in was the one where I was seated. The driver made two failed attempts at  speed rescuing the bus out of the ditch but both times it lost it's balance miserably . . . That made me count the potential number of people who would have fallen on me because I was at the most vulnerable side and the bus was over burdened with human weight.

Well . . . God has given a mind to everyone and finally the driver put it to some use . . . he asked people to unload the bus and that's when the bus got out of the cute little ditch . . .PHEW !!!

YET ONCE AGAIN I MADE IT TO MY SCHOOL, SZABIST ALIVE !!! Well I can't afford to die before getting my degree . .. :)

There is this crappy act of promotion by marriage bureaus and black magic endorsers who hire people to throw their pamphlets into buses and at times a huge stack comes flying to hit you in the face. That's when you want to beat them up like an insane person . . . well I will discuss how one can beat up stalkers and morons in public buses, that's a different topic altogether.

Tonight while my Project Management class ended I found our school's dear cat in this posture:

It looks tired . . . more than dead, however, the glutton was seen in a similar kind of poster during the break and I think before the class too. I simply adore my school's cats, they are very playful! They believe in all you can eat and live life as if they would be no tomorrow . . .

Wildlife is always hungry especially when it has a look at  junk food. Last week, just outside 90, we saw an eagle flying at a very low altitude but with something yummy grabbed by it's claws. I turned around to see a flabbergasted student, a victim rather. It was a wholesome burger that eagle had just snatched from him.

So . . . back to my journey!

Sunsilk is trying to do something with itself, that's how I perceive it and well, I think it's a bit interesting but why do all re vitalizing brand moments get equipped by inflatable products at round abouts and other central locations? This time its Sunsilk's inflatable bottle dancing with Karachi's warm and sticky wind at KPT Underpass.
On my way back I recalled the nightmare I had a few days back. Oh that was torture. However, I do suffer from mid semester nightmare crisis. It has to be one difficult course every semester that keeps me waking up every now and then. I would sleep late and still wake up early.

This time the nightmare was in Arabic! Yes an Arabic nightmare. The entire night I had this repetitive sentence bugging me:

"Haazihee Ba'eezatunn !"
"Haazihee Ba'eezatunn !"
"Haazihee Ba'eezatunn !"
"Haazihee Ba'eezatunn !"

It translates into: 'It's an egg.' But oh God! The egg didn't let me sleep properly. The reason I got haunted by this sentence is because we had just studied what an egg means in Arabic and  thanks to our Arabic classes we now know alot . . . :) 

As we crossed Regent Plaza I wondered why the Sony Ericsson horse keeps changing it's colour from black to white and then from white to black every at least twice a year . . . it's maybe an experimentation with paint.
My place had come when I got off from the bus quite grateful that I hadn't been dozing off these days on my way back. I hate crossing roads because I can't and during heavy flow of traffic I find my self waiting for ages to be able to face this venture. However, this time it was a bus conductor who helped me cross the ridiculous road. Phew! Phew! Phew! May God bless him with a better job.

As I got upstairs towards home . . . I was surprised to see my building cat in a similar dead, dog tired posture as that of the school cat's and it was sleeping outside our door, too lazy this time to follow me.
It was a tiring day for cats . . .


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