"Our City . . . "

Saturday, March 13, 2010 Heba Moeen 0 Comments

Why can't there be peace in our city?
It's enough now!
Media exploitation is a great pity,
I won't let 'em misguide me I hereby vow!

Our situation gets exaggerated by all,
for the pursuit of a divided map . . . 
Apprentices mislead at international media's call;
to facilitate a planned communication gap.

What once used to be the city of lights,
is now the city of frights.
We lost our reputation ages ago,
now bomb blasts and gunshots casually echo . . .

Why do people buy into a suicidal death?
each day later they'll repeat this act . . . 
It's their home too that they abuse,
but they have no moral or ethical values!

Illiteracy and poverty have dragged us to the lowest ebb,
we are thus victims of this evil web!

Why do we get to face a surging crime rate?
It wasn't meant to be our country's fate . . .
Why has our future become so uncertain?
Why are we trapped in this evil burden?

We just can't take it anymore . . .
This pain and agony we cannot endure !!!

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