"Social Media Confession"

Friday, March 19, 2010 Heba Moeen 2 Comments

It's something to wonder about . . .
whether everyone on your facebook account is really a friend.
'Be careful', is the warning so loud,
but having hundreds added is a good trend.

It is the electronic socialisation,
where together exist your friend and foe;
and it's social media's rationalisation,
where you would receive a virtual death blow.

Of all the things that you share,
remember to like it before you take it away!
In order to make it look fair,
your friends argue that the liking rule you must obey!

Creating fan pages and selling stuff is the deal,
exponential taggings and annoying contacts is a social zeal.

There pop status updates ,
which you could be keen to comment at.
But after 20 more comments,
you would definitely sit and regret!

Hitting News Feed as spam could serve your purpose ,
whether it's project ticket sales or brand flim flam,
it would help create a promotional rumpus!

Go get a life . . .
rather than requesting cats, donkeys and cows.
Virtual harvesting is an act so naive,
Farmville was not part of your work place vows.

Stupid friendship requests you would get,
the funniest of all you might never forget.
It could be time to upload the most horrid picture,
from the net that you should fetch.

After all this fun comes this question again,
whether all on your friends' list are really your friends;
or adding them was an act too vain.
How many of them do you get to meet?
Not knowing them well could be your ultimate defeat! :)

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