"Confession of a Past Tense Criminal (Thief)"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 Heba Moeen 2 Comments


My past thoughts haunt me,
as a demon would . . .
I sleep with my never ending plea,
to avoid nightmares if I could !

I can't stop dreading over my past,
it's so visible !
It's a nightmare that will forever last,
with it's effects so invincible . . .

With this nightmare so eternal,
and inevitable whether I am asleep or awake;
The guilt grows like a tumor so deep,
for some feelings I will always fake . . .

No matter what I shall achieve,
with all my effort . . . 
These thoughts will always retrieve,
to make each moment hurt . . . 

It is a sinking feeling of future uncertainty,
of being questioned about my polluted past . . . 
I am harsh with judging my felony,
my past is buried deep inside in a sorrowful sea so vast.
It's the people now I can't face,
since this secret is such a big disgrace!

I am the happiest person around,
for what I shall soon achieve.
It's mine; the future worth which is around.
It's different as I perceive . . .

What means everything in life to me,
is so near . . .
For months before I could foresee,
now I shall have no fear !
The future worth of credibility,
is what my past should allow some adaptability . . . 

I have and will always be . . . a victim of my past,
as these thoughts continue to last . . . 
But it's time to turn over a new leaf,
have faith and wipe off my personal disbelief !
Let bygone be a bygone,
and proceed . . .

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  1. one can forgive their past but never forget it... sometimes bygones haunt you every single day of your life...
    Amazingly written hiba :)

  2. Thanks Mehr for dropping in . . . :)
    and LOL they haunt me every moment . . .