My Childhood Zone

Sunday, February 28, 2010 Heba Moeen 0 Comments

Take me back to my childhood zone,
take me to those carefree moments.
To the time of our first household phone,
and teachers' report card comments.

Let me go back to play Mortal Combat,
Doom, Heretic and retain all childhood fat.
Let me kill those monsters again,
Farmville requests have become a growing pain . . . =)

Take me to my school days,
that punctual morning routine . . . 
Take me to the time when chicks we would raise,
to watch them grow and become naughty and mean!

Take me to the time of heavy school bags,
and tonnes of books.
When we used to decorate Independence Day with flags.
Just remind me of the past paper frenzy . . . 
Mcq's and examiners' reports to render you crazy . . . 

Take me to the time of completion of 11 years of school,
the 'Farewell' and when everything seemed all cool . . .  :)

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