The Girl on the Train Review

Tuesday, September 06, 2016 Heba Moeen 5 Comments

What's better than a good read coupled with a soothing cup of coffee? Monday isn't it? Just kidding! A cup of coffee with a good book, celebrated with a weekend is what turns it all into a great combination. And yes, squawking pets too!

My best friend, Hina Jadav gifted me this novel, 'The Girl on the Train' on my birthday (my sixteen birthday ... kidding again ...) and I can't stop loving her for such a page turner of a book that it turned out to be.

I felt the plot seemed to be a combination of The Gone Girl and Dark Places and was equally thrilling, however, you'll be totally taken aback with the ending; the plot twists and turns are what makes this one a must read.

Paula Hawkins has definitely penned down a well thought out story and considering it's her debut novel, she has presented quite an interesting piece of fiction. A great friend of mine, Shahzad was so engrossed in the book that he finished reading it in one night, "I didn't realise how long I had been up until I got done reading the book by 7 in the morning and I hadn't slept at all!" he said. Well he's quite an avid reader, I wish I was even close to that level but I actually did finish reading it too ... though not with the speed of light like him. :)

There is not just one main character, in fact, there are a number of people who could be mentioned as the main characters, however, as the title suggests, the girl on the train is Rachel Watson who is actually pretty annoying ... trust me she is, quite often that is until you start pitying her. As someone rightly mentioned on Goodreads, the title should be 'The Woman on the Train'. So moving on, this character is stuck at one point in time and can't seem to except the fact that her husband has ditched her for another woman who becomes insecure given Rachel's constant clumsy outbursts and attempts at getting Tom back.

Eventually Rachel hasn't changed her last name after her ex-husband, Tom had left her and can't seem to accept this harsh reality. She ends up becoming an alcoholic which is one of the reasons why Tom loses interest in her tand for her being downsized from her job. She ends up commuting on a daily basis, at the same time via the same train, thus taking the same route ... she also ends up stalking Anna, Tom's new wife, and somehow also the couple, Scott and Megan who happen to live in the same neighbourhood. Her friend, Cathy she's staying with, is still kept in the dark as she hasn't been made aware that Rachel now is jobless. Tom on the other hand tries several futile attempts to tell Rachel to stop calling him or trying to approach his new family.

What takes on to a thrilling turn in The Girl on the Train's plot is the disappearance of Megan, someone Rachel had fantasised about having an ideal married life which is something she ended up not having. She later tries to get involved directly with the investigation and gets told off by the police but given the stubborn nature she has, she continues with her involvement as she feels she can be of help in finding Megan. Rachel approaches Megan's husband, Scott while pretending to be his lost wife's friend. A series of allegations follow later on. What's worse is that Rachel goes for appointments to Dr. Kamal Abdic, Megan's therapist and further proves her own instability. 

Just because she feels she can help search Megan is a wrong move, considering it's based on her mere observation of her daily commute not to mention, she he later dives into self invited trouble. Is Megan alive or has been kept hostage is a big question mark but where would this lead Rachel and Anna both is another ... To find out more, you must read the book. It will really help jog your mind as you get to an unexpected turn

Well, my best friend had not just gifted me this book with a lovely note only, she had also sung a birthday message for me!

Thank you Hina! I love you forever! I'm glad we both are friends! :)

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  1. Dear Hiba such a nice blog you have. I enjoy reading it. Now I will follow you on your blog. And would like to see you following me as well. Thank you

    1. Thanks for your comment and appreciation, Liancho!
      It's good to know fellow bloggers from around the world. :)

  2. Very well written Hiba!
    You have a knack for whetting the appetite of the reader, enabling them to follow up on the book themselves - and once again, thank you so much for the shout out.
    Great minds, think alike. Telepathic :D

    1. Indeed, Shahzad! Telepathy has no barriers,if you know what I mean? But you already know what I mean. :P