Ufone becomes a Platform for the Unsung Heroes

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Bloggers with the Unsung Heroes of Pakistan 

Ufone recently arranged a bloggers' meet-up and invited us for a great session with the unsung heroes it had handpicked to be facilitated nationwide. Irrespective of their gender, these are the people who have molded themselves into individuals who are on a quest to reshape the society positively and there is no end to their philanthrophy.

Instead of donating them money, Ufone devised a unique idea of doing much more! The company donated them media space for a nationwide awareness building strategy that got them more mileage and recognition. What followed was a phenomenal response from people who came from every nook and corner to support them and their cause.

Present at the occasion were the four unsung heroes, Ufone had invited; these were Muhammad Mohsin Ali, Shamim Akhtar, Saqib Ali Kazmi, and Sabia Abbat. They might appear to be simple people like us but within them is an ocean of kindness and an aura to inspire others around which make them models of excellence within the country.

Shamim Akhtar, a confident and well spoken lady as she is, discussed her mission with great passion, while her loving personality was a major attraction for us (ladies especially). While we gathered for a group picture, she embraced two of us almost in a hug saying, "I love daughters!"

Shamim Akhtar

At 53, she is Pakistan’s first female driver who decided to do something worthwhile to eke out a living for her and her family. Initially starting off as a sewing teacher, she explored other professional avenues. She now drives heavy duty vehicles with great pride, in a society where it's completely unusual! "When needed I even drive trucks at midnight or as early as 4 a.m in the morning," says she. 


Saqib Ali Kazmi

The scarcity of water is a major issue for most of us, urban residents let alone be the rural areas. Saqib Ali Kazmi is one such person who along with his team has been installing water pumps in different areas of interior Sindh; so far the team has installed 320 pumps, not to mention the school they are operating that so far has maintained 100% enrollment. He had started a project called 'Mera Karachi Meri Zimmedari' to improve civic conditions.

Sabia Abbat
Another unsung hero is Sabia Abbat who is a 25 year old cyclist. She belongs to the village of Haripur and apparently a conservative background where becoming a cyclist would only have been a dream. However, with support from her family including her husbands, she has been able to pursue her dreams! Within two years of her enthusiastic endeavors for sports, she became the national champion in Lahore; before this, she had been representing her college in regional events and making news. She is now a professional cyclist and holds a bachelor’s degree in physical education.

Muhammad Mohsin

The genius, Muhammad Mohsin was also present at the meet-up. His struggle has been a long one in the pursuit of education. A poet at heart, Mohsin, scored 688 points in his B.A exams through his untiring efforts; thereby becoming the top achiever in B.A/B.Sc exams held by the Punjab University. This made great news considering Mohsin is the son of a bread maker and how difficult it was to reach this level with respect to education which often is only reserved for the elite. He has not only proved himself in terms of education but has also made sure that he assisted his father as far as supporting his family has been concerned. 

The extremely kind at heart and soft spoken, Parveen Saeed had also graced the event. Her quest has also been supported by Ufone as part of its brand philosophy. The brains behind the philanthropic idea, 'Khana Ghar', she made a vow to wipe out hunger which happens to be the root cause of many evils. She moved from her comfortable lifestyle in PECHS to Sarjaani to help feed the poor. 

Now she feeds about 3,000 to 3,500 individuals that costs Rs. 800,000 to Rs. 900,000. When asked why she even charges a meager amount of Rs. 3 that means nothing at all, her reply created more respect in our hearts for her. "The reason we even charge Rs. 3 is that people's self respect is not hurt simply because they cannot afford to feed themselves and their family and also that they don't take it for granted. When you pay for something, even if it's a little amount, it means more to you," she said.

Parveen even has adopted 20 mothers who had been abandoned by her children and her cause has definitely uplifted the condition of the poor to a great extent.

These are the people who are doing wonders in making the world a better place and have no doubt inspired others to do something in their own capacity.

Parveen Saeed of Khana Ghar

We salute you all, our superheroes! 


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