Love Travelling? Use Jovago's app to book your hotel at your desired spot!

Thursday, September 01, 2016 Heba Moeen 0 Comments

Tourism in Pakistan is on the rise, although there are still a lot of places that are not explored properly and our tourism industry needs a great deal of awareness building and support by the government. Ironically enough there are people who are still privileged to travel to these wonderful places but perhaps do not deserve it because of the trash they leave behind, a sense of responsibility still needs to be instilled in them.

If you love to travel, it's a good idea to explore your own country before flying elsewhere, God has really given us Heaven on Earth in Pakistan. A few months ago Dawn had shared a list of places that one must visit in Pakistan, the article was titled, '16 Pakistani tourist spots you must visit in 2016'. These places are simply mesmerising and are definitely on my own list as well.

So ... if you want convenience for your travel adventures, Jovago is the solution for you as you can book hotels through this organisation and the launch of their mobile application further supports this wanderlust. I tried checking how it operates and it turned out to be quite friendly. This Jovago app is available on Google Playstore. It looks like this:

Below is the user interface of the app:

I input some data based on my preferred dates and the location. Let's say for example I want to visit Hunza so I input my desired location and then the dates:

The dates I selected were September 12 to September 18, 2016 and below are the results I got. These can further be sorted out based on their popularity or rates. Therefore, for example, Karimabad Inn displayed a total cost of PKR 9,000 which is PKR 1,500 per day.

Isn't this app a great way to book your hotel at your desired spot?!

The tourism industry is really flourishing again in Pakistan thanks to things going back on track.

“Tourism in Pakistan is considered a very hectic and insecure hobby for people of all ages. People love to travel, but they are lacking a reliable platform to guide them with booking procedures. is working for the benefit of all travel lovers by offering best prices and superior customer services. Through this event Jovago aims to educate travelers about the online booking system that could add to their convenience and will serve the purpose gracefully,” said Nadine Malik, Managing Director of Jovago at a recent bloggers' gathering where we had a nice discussion about tourim and the need of convenience in travelling.


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