What people asked (other than music) when Ali Sethi went live on Social Media

Saturday, August 20, 2016 Heba Moeen 0 Comments

The internet is a very interesting place when it comes to history being created in real time and thanks to the interactive nature of digital platforms, people can have live conversations with super humans. 

A few days back, Coke Studio’s much acclaimed singer, Ali Sethi was live on Twitter and Facebook for a chat session with his fans. Some of the questions were outright hilarious and considering that he has also authored a book (The Wish Maker), people were not just talking about his music. Having a diverse set of career pathways he ought to be something not entirely human … a superhuman perhaps. It’s quite interesting knowing that a Generation Y individual is interested in a genre not many youngsters seem interested in and acing it with sheer brilliance is another achievement for him.

Well, even before the session commenced on Twitter, people had started tweeting their questions while some went for the overkill drive (myself included, guilty as charged!). the quality of interaction was quite worthwhile, assessing the intellectual thoughts being put forward.
Here are some very interesting questions that ‘happened’:

The Nerd cum Intellectual Conversation:

When you are also an author and a journalist other than being a singer. 



I know, lame question but not entirely the lamest. I tell you, stay away from people who fold book pages. You don't want such negativity in your life!

Seems to be an advice from an avid reader. Take note, Amber Shahid! :)

Somebody used to like history classes ... And back in school I used to think they are lullabies!

The Voters post Elections:

It's good to be an informed nation that is aware of its rights. Often, people question politicians for their actions and efforts after having them elected, hence the question of 7 As by the Villian Gotham deserves. ;)

You might not have been expecting such honesty by the person being questioned though.
The making of a good politician. If you can't choose between the two most favourable options, be a diplomat. :P


Who doesn't love anday wala burger. That was a good inquiry indeed! 


When I first listened to his voice in Coke Studio Season 8 I thought he belonged to some classical music legendary gharana since he had sung the song so well, thus doing justice to the original piece by Asad Amanat Ali Khan. Here's 'Umran Langiyaan' if you haven't listened to it on your planet:

And! Here's the original version in Asad Amanat Ali Khan's melodious voice which I am sure you must be oblivious too if you're from a completely different universe :P

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