Pantene's belief in ZMOT through Daraz Fashion Week 2016

Saturday, April 23, 2016 Heba Moeen 0 Comments

A lot has been happening in the fashion and e-commerce world, with seemingly orthodox organisations coming a step ahead to sponsor events that might seem different for their goals. and Bank Alfalah recently collaborated with the famous shampoo brand, Pantene to present the so called first 'shoppable' fashion show in Pakistan. 

Daraz has extended new avenues for online shopping and being a trusted name, the organisation facilitates customers with the ultimate ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) through their credible online shopping. Having a good experience with Daraz myself, I would say that they would go an extra mile to get you your desired product even if it's not available in the market. The hashtag taking the social media by storm is #DarazFW2016

The fashion week has brought aboard top seven designers over a period of four days who have exhibited their work, that will be available for purchase at the platform of Daraz. This being a new strategy is proof of online shopping burgeoning over the course of time. According to the Express Tribune, Pakistan's e-commerce industry is expected to cross the $1 billion mark in the next five years which makes this time period a favourable one for taking onto the first mover advantage, pertaining to online business strategies. The research further states that Pakistan's e-commerce sector is growing at an annual compound growth rate of over 100% and is currently valued at more than $60 million. 

Pantene being the company's long standing partner, proudly brandishes the association and claims to have a scientifically proven PRO Vitamin formula which protects the hair against hair styling tools and the heat applied. The brand considers beauty and strong hair to be synonymous and vital for a great look. Pantene's support for this initiative is evident of the fact that the brand believes in new economic trends and has gone beyond the orthodox approach of reaching the target audience. 

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