Biscoot (Biscuit) Cravings? Have Nan Khatai!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 Heba Moeen 0 Comments

The Best Nan Khatai in Town by Rehmat-e-Shireen
If you are a cookie monster like me, the traditional nan khatai (Pakistani shortbread biscuit) is a must have. Not only are khatais fulfilling but their taste satiates the innate sweet tooth that becomes a demanding monster sometimes.

It is said that the word nan khatai is derived from a Persian word, naan; meaning bread and an Afghan word, khatai which means biscuit. It relates to a special kind of cake that is made of six ingredients, namely, flour, sugar, eggs, butter/ghee, almonds, and yeast. In Northeast Iran and Afghanistan these biscuits are called Kulcha-e-Khataye where again the term kulcha relates to bread.

Legend has it that at the end of the 16th century, Dutch traders started trading spice with India via its port city, Surat. During the process, they had established a factory to produce bread for their consumption, that would be according to their taste palates. While these traders were finally leaving, they handed over the bakery to a trustworthy employee, Dotivala. However, as the Dutch settlers started leaving India, the demand for the specialised bread started declining as well. 

Dotivala then used innovative modifications to the stock keeping units and one of the newly devised recipes he presented to his target audience was of nan khatai, the popularity of which still exists.

Today you will find nan khatai in most bakeries in Pakistan and some have produced it as their flagship brand, for example, Khalifa's nan khatai in Lahore.

But may I tell you about a brand of nan khatai which is even better and tastier than that? Yes, it's probably the best nan khatai available in town, It's available at Rehmat-e-Shireen, in Karachi. The soft outer layer of their khatai combined with a crisp texture inside leaves a great taste and it's never enough. Better yet, have it with coffee or tea.

I'd prefer the best coffee ever made by our office boy, Altaf (well there isn't only one Altaf in the whole world so get over it :P )

The other biscuits of this mithai shop cum bakery are a must have as well!


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