Safar Badnamah (S03, E03) "CSR and the much needed Greenery"

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During my BBA days when I used to frequent Dou Talwar almost on a daily basis I often mocked Asim Jofa's advertising for their marketing, for example, there was one such billboard once that said, 'I'm a classy housewife, I wear Asim Jofa'. It was basically a theme based on women's life roles and how it relates to them wearing Asim Jofa; according to them it was the ultimate choice of students, working women, and house wives.

Last Friday I happened to commute through the same place and noticed how beautifully green the roundabout had been made, with flower beds and grass. On the three boards placed there, was mentioned, 'Maintained by Asim Jofa'. this gesture struck me as very impressive.

Below are the pictures of the lush green Dou Talwar. I couldn't get proper pictures because the car wasn't stationary, so in reality it looks far more beautiful.

Finally brands have started giving back to the society, a step at a time. Though I wish, all of us would initiate a CSR activity at a mass level to plant trees so that an even more intense heat wave that is expected this year would be combatted. The rapid urbanisation is to be blamed for the decline in the number of tree. Look around and you would notice a vintage house being demolished with its fruit trees cut down to erect a 10 plus storey building. The pace of swift construction is somehow alarming. There should be a law to plant 10 to 20 trees with each building constructed. I know ... wishful thinking right?

I don't have a very adventurous story since I returned home that day via a colleague's car and not a rickshaw or a public bus and hence the only thing adventurous that happened was light moments of motion sickness with abrupt breaks in between. It wasn't bad though knowing that the ride was overall quite comfortable and yes, I got to save money. :P
And look what Pantene has been up to. The brand has collaborated with GREASE – The Musical, to recreate the magic of a panache of hairstyles from the 50's. Their description relates to hair that is stronger inside and shinier outside. 
And these are the hairy hashtags being used :)
#PanteneHair #DoitallHair #TakeitallHair  

 Maheen Khan

Rija and Hira

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