Karachi through Hanif Shahzad's Artistic Perspective

Monday, May 04, 2015 Heba Moeen 4 Comments


Internationally acclaimed artist, Mr. Hanif Shahzad recently launched his solo art exhibition at ArtScene Art Gallery, Karachi. Being an expert in realistic art, he maintains a competitive edge while portraying a soft image of the city by capturing the old buildings and doing wonders with his paint brush, coupled with enthusiastic demeanour.

Not only are these buildings a cultural heritage but also stunning monuments of the pre-partition era that stand erect to be cherished for years to come. Every Pakistani should be proud of artists like Mr. Shahzad who painstakingly go an extra mile to collect authentic references (self acquired) of their own origins and present them to their audience thus creating history through the creation of such awe inspiring master pieces.

Present at the ribbon cutting ceremony were Mr. Mashkoor Raza, the artist's own teacher who graced the event with overwhelming pride and immense respect for his former student. Introducing us to Mr. Raza, Mr. Shahzad gratefully gave a brief overview of his teacher's invaluable teachings and attributed his success to them.

Hanif Shahzad's collection included oil paintings of historic buildings such as the Mohatta Palace, Empress Market, Burns Road Chowk, D.J.Science College, Frere Hall etcetera. Flaunting them off as a great representation of Karachi, these paintings have turned out to be gems for the emerging art gallery, considering the popularity of artist. 

                                                       Left: Hanif Shahzad, Right: Mashkoor Raza       

Artists too have a good sense of humour as revealed by the discussion by Ms. Riffat Alvi, Art Director, V. M Art Gallery, Rangoonwala. "I often ask Hanif about the glasses he uses while painting these wonders!" said she. While further elaborating upon the scope for art and the utmost need of a strengthening platform for artists that would consistently play a part in the image building of the country she said, "These are national treasures, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) should buy such paintings because they depict the city in such a brilliant way, that too through a journey that speaks the language of art. Government bodies need to value people like Hanif Shahzad and buy their art to be displayed in museums."

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  1. True hiba no doubt artist like hanif shahzad is an asset for us and his work really reflects his class and love for karachi

  2. True hiba no doubt artist like hanif shahzad is an asset for us and his work really reflects his class and love for karachi

  3. Exactly! This is why such artists must be appreciated by the government but invain.

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