Humanity’s Farewell Note

Sunday, January 11, 2015 Heba Moeen 2 Comments

I asked Humanity why it gave up,
and it let out a sigh of grief.
Surrendering to human impassiveness,
it had made it’s farewell message brief!
“I must exit any soul devoid of emotions”, said Humanity.
“For humans now follow the rules of enmity and guns!”
which is indeed a reality!
“Neither a sudden or a gradual,
‘tis the decadence of society.
Sculling a vicious time frame of it’s own,
it is the very cause of notoriety.”
“I’d rather live with animals,
that can teach a lesson or two;
to these emerging cannibals,
who are more than just a few.”
“When material worth outweighs the worth of life,
I know it’s over;
as I eventually feel stabbed by a blunt knife.”
“My death is not felt,
but rather observed;
by many with ultimate glee,
while a few stay shocked and unnerved!”
With these last words whispered by humanity, I now watch society drown into an abyss of nihilism …

 Picture Credit: Art for Humanity

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  1. The poem is brilliant!! Addressing to humanity as a being ... is simply beautiful! You have done it again, my friend. left me at awe with ur insight and talent!!

  2. Thank you Hina. I had replied to your comment on Facebook and forgot to reply here. So thanks once again for uplifting my spirits. :)