Peshawar Massacre ... A Mother's Thoughts

Monday, January 12, 2015 Heba Moeen 0 Comments

As I woke up to get my boy ready for school,
I made sure to pack his favourite snack.
Oh! But am I such a fool,
not to remember the deadly attack!?

As I succumb to a new chapter of mourning,
I long for his gleaming eyes.
With my own eyes uncontrollably pouring,
I hold on to his books and toys!

That innocent smile worth a thousand unsaid words,
is now just a memory.
The government promises made through a thousand spoken words;
seem nothing but temporary.

How can I forget that excitement,
for being gifted a toy car?
And that very indictment,
of emptying up the cookie jar?

The first day of school will never be the same,
for this sorrow inflicted heart.
I seem to have lost a purpose and aim,
as we are Heavens and Earth apart.

Folding the uniform yet again,
I kiss it goodbye,
Calming the hollowness within,
I stare at the sadly reflecting sky!

Overwhelmed by the deafening noise,
I glance through the door;
realising it is that of the school van,
that actually comes no more … 

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