Little Tim's Confession, 'Multiple Deaths'

Thursday, March 08, 2012 Heba Moeen 0 Comments

You never die peacefully,
it hurts to die.
I know because I myself have died a thousand times,
With my past being something I can never deny.
Each desolate moment is like those alarming wind chimes,
that remind me asking ‘Why’.
I wish I could forgive myself and accept my mistakes.
But how can I move on when moving mountains is what it takes.
Absent were those resources of happiness,
how else could I avoid those mistakes?
And that is why I hereby confess.
Betrayal of trust and rusty support,
present for others and not me.
Why did I have to allow the creation of this hatred port?
I just keeps on building amply.
Living behind time was never my aim.
But supporting me neither brought any pride or kinship fame.
I’d prefer to be left alone,
Than to be associated with a fake name.
I wish everyone just one death
than these multiple stabs of hurt and regret.

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