“Olper’s Dua Effect"

Friday, September 17, 2010 Heba Moeen 0 Comments

Olper’s FaceBook page gave consumers an opportunity to share their prayers (Duas) this Ramzan that evoked a sense of patriotism and brought Pakistanis together showing us as one nation when we need each other most.

It is during this time of hardship that the flood victims need their fellow citizens more than anyone else around and one should be proud of this nationality that ekes out it’s existence through hope, love and affection for each other.

While some provided monetary support, others gave in their utmost level of physical assistance or both and many prayed for the country. Olper’s digital campaign has gained momentum as people have continued sharing their children’s duas in the form of video. The outpour of such moving duas for their country and fellow citizens undoubtedly show the emotional bond on the basis of religion and nationality which marks no boundary in lending help whether they have met these people or not.

It is in such times of difficulty and calamity that a great communication idea was devised by Olper’s in the form of this digital campaign that facilitated the revival of unity, faith and discipline in our nation or rather the prominence of Quaid’s rules which already existed.

The prayers shared on this particular page not just show the kind side of a nation but also the great intellectual and emotional capabilities of the children that would be a great asset for this country in the long run. For instance, this particular dua shared by a child of City School shows how children too could be moved to say something wise found in this situation:


Similarly, the following dua as well show a positive side of a country that could have been massively hit by a disaster yet has remained strong throughout it’s life:


For a nation, that has such a strong willed youth and thought provoking words of wisdom it could be hurt but not destroyed forever, not until the world exists.

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