“Five Reasons Why Very Long Shirts are Troublesome =D”

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 Heba Moeen 1 Comments

 Like this long shirt yeah? Try wearing it . . .

First of all . . . well I don’t know what to say when I see all this . . . Fashion could be good as long as it suits you and as long as you are ready to let go of a lot of your dresses within months had it not been fashion but rather a fad. . . 

Take for example these very very long shirts that are seemingly a reflex action after the fad of Patiala shalwars and extremely short shirts.
Here are some reasons why extremely long shirts can be ‘not so good’ for you:

      1. Maintenance of the Floor and making you incur Extra Cost of Washing Powder:

I have seen some people wearing long shirts with Dumbo’s ears; I mean the shirts with awful elongation towards the edges that make sure the floor stays clean wherever they facilitate mopping that they do.  
What really happens is that you end up incurring more of washing powder cost and later might end up resorting to hand wash because of the dirt accumulated by such funny shirts, brooms rather (no offense intended to fashion lovers).

Ladies I’m not jealous of what you are wearing, I like the decent long shirts but not too long that they become long enough to appear funny. It is because of this ‘long’ reason that some women seemed not to be at ease while shopping during the last two days of Ramzan. I saw it and simply thought . . . ‘LOL’ when in all the filth and dirt some women had to literally hold their shirts while making their entrances into streets and being on roads. Shopoholics beware of rain and beware of the loooooong shirts that you would wear in post rain situations.

      2. Being Extra Careful while praying:

The forces of attraction between your prayer mat and long shirts become stronger while you are praying thus making it difficult to get up. Have you had a chance to observe long shirt wearers while they are praying? Well . . . I went through it myself . . . even though my shirt wasn’t too long it was still the outcome of fashion attack this Eid. ‘No more’ I thought . . . 

These shirts make it difficult for you to get up from sajdah, you either have to pick the shirt first then yourself or prepare to fall down. But fashion creates it’s own way into emerging trends . . .

      3. Public Transport is too nice to Long Shirts:

Public transport has had a history of being nice to good dresses . . . a notch here and a notch there . . . and there you go, an embellishment to a new dress, however, if it’s a long shirt then the chances of occurrence of such a notch becomes directly proportional. 

Ladies have to pick their shirts, make the entrance and then sit. Similarly, while getting off the bus usually history of an hour or so repeats itself. People are usually out of the bus while their royal shirts are still making their exit. But why would anyone care when there is fashion to follow. If people can wear (such looooong shirts) they can take care as well. Hush!

      4. Food for Escalators:

Escalators have always been hungry for your shoes, this time they simply want fabric and that too from your long shirt . . . I might be exaggerating but a stitch in time saves nine! Nine yards of cloth in this case maybe . . . =)

      5. Windy and Naughty:

When it’s too windy out there, you have to hold on to your shirt before it sways 3 yards East or 3 yards West . . . well if you have looooong slits as well . . . but no worries fashion teaches adaptability as well but just remember to hold your long shirt from both sides and pick it before the stairs pick it for attaching dust particles . . . :)


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