“Product Life Cycle of a Pakora (Fritter)”

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Every pakora (fritter) has it’s time until Eid arrives and the whole lot of ‘meetha’ cannibalizes it in the entire portfolio of table serving (but why would it cannibalise it when they are both different categories? Well it depends on your sweet tooth and preference when ideally pakora product lines should do this to each other). Finally it surrenders to the law of diminishing returns, stops jumping in oil and is let to divest . . . well not completely if people decide to fast for Shawwal as well.

The story of a pakora is quite interesting; something that is called a fritter as well and the dimensions determine what exactly it needs to be called. Well some people really don’t know and laugh off at the correct use of Urdu some may prefer. So, the three dimensional fritter that could possibly have onion and green chilli is called a ‘pakora’ while the potato fritter that happens to be two dimensional is called an ‘aaloo ki phulkee’ . . . I mean believe it or not that’s what it’s called. Similarly, these both product lines in the pakora category are fritters while the bara’s that go in yogurt . . . yes the dahee bara’s are dumplings when they get to soak in water and finally into yogurt, hence, yogurt dumplings. Yogurt allows osmosis and fills the strategic brand, the ‘bara’s’ eventually making this product line a ‘cash cow’.

At the introduction stage you may want to perform the advertising function on behalf of this product, therefore you would inform your mom or your sister that Ramzan has started and persuade them to have pakoras for iftari in case you can’t pick your bulky self up and perform this task yourself. However, what may be a branded energizer for your tongue could serve to be a flanker for your health . . . you know fried food and all . . . or fried food and an already fat you! :P . . . According to www.caloriecount.about.com one fritter on average weighs 21 grams and has 56 calories out of which 36 are from fat, it also has 3.6 grams of carbohydrates and 1.1 grams protein. See the big picture . . . I mean your own big picture after Ramzan if fried food has become part of your daily iftari.

At the same time the derived demand for potatoes increases this month so does the respect for bananas with price hikes like never before. Within hours the pakoras jump up to their growth stage. If somebody is frying for the first time or after a long time you have no choice but to be an ‘innovator’ or an ‘early adopter’ but empty stomachs do create room for experimentation.

Similarly, these pakoras play a driver role in consumption rendering the tummies captive bodies as far as aggressive marketing is concerned. At the same time, have you been unfortunate enough to consume pakoras that are not homemade, the salt content would only make you hate salt even though it might be a branded benefit of iodine salt, however, the unbranded or unpackaged oil simply paves way to a ‘downward stretch’. The onion or green chillies take shape of ‘token endorsement’ since they might be visible but not prominent on the outlook of pakoras.

At the maturity stage you might want to perform the advertising function yet again but this time to ‘persuade’ your mom to keep frying pakoras for you for Iftar so that the table share of these very pakoras is ‘maintained’ or you could keep ‘harvesting’ your sister’s mind with thoughts of taking her for shopping if she keeps serving relevant food. However, daily consumption of fried food might put you off making you want to try something new. Or if you continue to want and not need it further, your mom or if you have the courtesy . . . any of the two would apply an upward stretch and fry potato cheese balls, thereby revamping the look of pakoras or later relaunching it when the product is reaching it’s declining stage. Admit it . . . there would come a time when you would want to take a break from fried food.

This product simply derives the portfolio image of Iftari, however, it does depend on what the specialist brand is for menu . . . fruit chat maybe . . . Primary endorsers would vary in terms of making you want to eat.

As the Holy Month is ending, ‘saturation’ becomes inevitable. Come on! How much more fried food do you want to eat? Ok let’s take it till it’s decline stage . . .

It must be noted that the product life cycle type for pakoras is a ‘style’ as the curve steeps low along the graph and would rise again when demand at home increases and the curve picks up again, however, it cannot not be termed as a ‘fad’. 

As Ramzan ends, Pakoras usually get ‘divested’ from family tables or extension strategies are applied by those who may want to continue fasting for another six days starting from the second day of Eid, provided they want pakora line length further extended and served. 

Eid finally arrives when people forward plagiarised Eid greetings through text messages, at times forgetting to remove the sender’s name at the end. It’s now time for satisfying your sweet tooth . . . Remember! Life would have been lifeless without sweet things to eat! =D

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  1. Seems like you have got a big sweet tooth. After one year of the post Its Ramdan Again and after reading the post im feeling hungry :(

  2. I have an obnoxiously crazy sweet tooth to which I am a slave! :)

  3. lol you lady, are unbelievable! (o_O)

  4. Sadia you forgot to mention crazy ... :P

  5. Haha this was so entertaining :D

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Nayab.
      It's good to have you around. :)

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  6. Quite an effort by the writer ...in a time when nobody dares to highlight such issues of importance out of fear...the writer put up a valiant effort to safeguard a specie that may extinct in 4 days ...hats off

  7. Buhahahaha What a Post Becharay Pakoray ki biography hi chap di good good now atleast there is some importance of pakora in my life :P