Nazia the Vampiress (Season 1, Episode 4) “The Forgotten Identity”

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The monitor flickered, ‘Game Over’ since Nazia had given up with her racing car and her heart pounded together with each flicker of these words. “How could I have been so irresponsible?” She thought aloud. Her identity was at risk of getting revealed to people, it was something she even kept away from friends except for Toots and Uncle Scrooge. She recalled Paulo Coelho’s tweet that she had just retweeted, “RT @paulocoelho: What we fear the most may happen to us, because we are attracting it.” She was running away from letting people know her and her accidental past but this was the time when everything was at the verge of being revealed.

And yes, Scrooge was the name given to Akbar by some friends as they perceived him as having quite a few Bob Cratchits around and someone with a stiff upper lip, however, he was the exact opposite, though Nazia had told him once to work on his perceived positioning than the actual one. In fact, she felt more like the character Scrooge and had become more isolated like him with lost interest in occasions like Eid.

Anyway, the most important thing forgotten by Nazia was her school ID Card without which she would have been refused entrance for her classes and that hospital was the place where she left it while stealing blood samples without paying any heed to the fact that the people whose blood samples she was drinking away would have to come again for another draw. Now it was time for an intense payback. She would have to face the consequences . . .

Panic struck, she called Scrooge. “Hey Scrooge . . . Uhh . . . I mean Akbar! I’m in deep, deep trouble! Now with all the chaos created in the hospital, I don’t know how to reach out for it. Hey are you asleep already?”
“Yes . . . I thought of getting my vampire sleep before training excessive cellulose again at Mission Planetarium tomorrow and besides, I hate my colleagues at the new office. What happened? What’s with the Vampire Shock you just got?” He asked.

“I left my Id card at the hospital where we stole blood samples and scared the skull out of that house officer!”
“Oh no! The Lord shall have no mercy on you now,” Scrooge joked, “But don’t worry, your Id card does not mention anything like you are a vampire does it? Just make it look natural and file a request for a new school ID card.”

Nazia felt a bit relaxed and later went online to make an online request for a new card and waited for further events to unfold. She thanked God that she had not done this stupid mistake of dropping the ID card at her sweet blooded communication prey's house for the dots could have been connected, linking not just her and the school but also the actual dots on her throats aimed at the jugular veins! Or was it the carotid artery? Who cares when the blood is sweet? The slowed down blood circulation was causing some atheroma to exist in her arteries . . . oh yes those innocent cholesterol lumps exposing the sweet lady to chances of heart attack. But then that could be termed as a natural cause.

What a dramatically ‘awesome’ situation she was facing . . . Yes ‘awesome’ with an ‘a’ and not an ‘o’, yet the monster she was feeling to be made it a flavoured owsum problem. She just needed to add some flavor to the issue to neutralize it but for that she had to wait for the morning to fade in.

Her now soundless, post purchase dissonance creating, futile Sony Ericsson vibrated with an unknown number. She didn’t realise when she had dozed off and her night was over in a split second as she let out a vampirishly ear drilling shriek. Nazia reluctantly opened up her phone’s flap, “Hellll. . . oooo?” she asked.
“Is this Nazia from ...”

“YES!!!” she exclaimed cutting off the sentence right there in her phone while keeping her eyes away from popping out.

The guy on the other end explained that he was from some hospital and that they had found a card. “We found an Identity card so thought of locating you through the number mentioned. With sincere apologies we would mention that we have just caught a hallucinating house officer who had been stealing girls’ ID cards and giving them missed calls. Unfortunately he had been smuggling blood samples too. We shall soon send your card at your school address.”

“What do you mean by hallucinating house officer?” she inquired.

“Well . . . this guy goes in sever shock when he gets to see lizards and thinks he has seen vampires taking blood samples from the lab (refer to episode 3). We have recommended relevant treatment . . . And suggested his parents not to let him watch movies labeled, ‘PG 13.”

She could not have expected such a twist and had been planning to jump through the back gate at school just like Scrooge had done once when without that entrance pass. However, she actually was getting missed calls from an idiot but BLOODY UFone charges on a monthly basis to block numbers. Weren’t they content with the hefty amount of tax they deducted from prepaid scratch cards?

The schedule was getting hectic and it had been three weeks since a day off, even Sundays had been worked up and she had been fully consumed by an experience created by a marketing course and Nazia felt tired to Vampire death but loved being busy as she disliked vacations. The feeling of being educated was self fulfilling an achievement she valued that most.

She was fed up of nonstop breaks in sleep caused by nightmares and getting the entire day’s recap in her dreams. One night she dreamt that her school was haunted, but what was the need of being frightened? Who could haunt it better than her? She admired her coordinator, Ms. Sabiha’s admiration for vampire stories and knew she had great respect for vampires, that is, if they existed in her world which she was oblivious to. Nazia’s favourite vampire book was ‘The Historian’, however, reading Vlad’s history disgusted her since she wasn’t that fierce, she was after all an innocent looking hard to believe vampiress.

Everything was going pretty smooth besides some hourlies becoming horrorlies. The symptom was called, ‘Semesterosis’. Islamic Banking was torturing her with ‘negative marking’ quizzes worth 20 marks. In the meanwhile she needed to strictly tell Scrooge to keep his hands away from school cats and position himself based on his core identity while hiding it at the same time.

Things seemed stagnant yet progressing, dull, yet shiny as the company of true friends brought about a feeling of fulfillment. Together Toots and Nazia searched for jobs in the recent saturated, moronic, ‘not promising any jobs’ market. They skimmed through Aurora to pick out places to apply at. Services sector had been taking quite a positive step ahead with 53.8% contribution to GDP; hence there must be some job hiding behind an old adventitious tree with a vampire grin.

Besides having a vampire tooth, Nazia had a sweet tooth, and thought that life would have been lifeless without anything sweet to eat. The nearest thing was the sugar jar in the kitchen that was raw-fully quick to fetch. As she got a spoonful of sugar she figured out what made Toots so hyper that day and feared sugar could have the same effects, it was two cans of Sting that made Toots high on insanity as she was jumping around school corridors and climbing trees.

“If Red Bull gives you weeeeeeengs what does Sting give you?” Nazia asked herself. It was time to ask Toots that question.

While enjoying the spoonful of sugar she realized she had to ask something very important from Toots, something that could be a value addition to friendship or . . .

Disclaimer: All characters in this story are imaginary. Any resemblance to anyone dead, undead, haunting or trying to live is simply a coincidence. You can start assuming things and relating to real life characters . . . As if it matters to Vampires . . . =P
Just remember to shut your i-windows while going to i-sleep at night before it turns into v-feast upon thee . . . 

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