What happens When Someone from the Elite Group gets killed . . .

Wednesday, August 04, 2010 Heba Moeen 0 Comments

It’s a pity that even after 63 years of existence we are still trying to exist and survive rather than to live. The nation wasn’t over with the flood and plane crash tragedy when something had to happen in Karachi!

The question is who are these people? Don’t they have their own families that would make them think twice before what they are about to do to other people’s families? While killing someone or destroying that person’s property don’t they think about how they would feel if their own family member was killed or what if their own shelter is destroyed? Probably they get paid a lot for each murder or for each mobile phone snatched that render them inhumane. It’s as if Hereafter wasn’t made for them!

Just because of their man got murdered; they decide to torch the entire city and made a bon fire out of vehicles and shops. Having shifts for not letting anyone open up a shop to have forceful mourning is their way of retaliating. Why would a person call another one a human being if he values designations and not lives? For one of their person shot dead they decide to kill more than 50 others because it was those 50 people’s fault that they exposed themselves to lunatics with weapons. What a high level of humanity it is!

Yesterday every other person was running towards his home because each individual felt insecure because of the murder that was to have a magnified adverse effect on the rest of Karachi.

I wonder what will happen when their ‘BIG ONE’ dies if even due to natural causes . . . They will chop the entire nation just because it will deserve to die because of orphans left by big daddy. What a show he creates, it’s difficult to stand his appearance even on TV.

This is what’s called ‘Extreme Jahalat’. People are ready to sell their souls for one man killed and for one dad ruling from somewhere else where his bulk is placed! Are these jerks all hypnotized? Education tames a person thereby making him/ her civilsed, this is what they all lack.

It was time to give emotional support to the relatives of plane crash victims; it was time to give shelter to flood victims and rebuild their homes when Karachi shed bloody tears!

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