Safar Badnamah (Season1,episode 1) . . .

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 Heba Moeen 4 Comments

One fine Monday I got ready to go for my evening class . . . I paced through the road amidst people shopping enthusiastically . . . eeee . . . something I am really allergic to, it seems more like 'birds of a feather flocked together'.

I finally managed to get through the chaos and reach the spot I was to get the bus from. That area is good enough because I can lean against the showroom's car and read stuff till I get the bus. Flying it came and I mounted on the flying horse . . . And yippeee ! I got a better seat to sit on.

As it sped on, the driver took a packet of cigarettes, pulled one out and lit it up . . . *One of the many morons to face in life* I thought. After all these years of going to school in a public bus and being subjected to alot of passive smoking even at school I'm still not used to it and this then becomes a cause of migraine.

Anyway, my lungs wept and choked till the wind blew the puffs of smoke on my face. And we moved on . . . Passing from Allah Wala roundabout . . . Yes the Pepsified and capitalised version of the place. Thinking about how it disgusts everyday I pass by I wished the fountain would wash the cerulean blue colour one day. Then opposite to it was McDonald's billboard displaying a beautiful model with their cheese sticks. What are they trying to convey I thought. Are they simply trying to attract attention of a mere layman? Or are they trying to convey the message that you would still remain as smart as a stick even after the consumption of these cheese sticks? However, if you do stay as thin after continuous consumption of McDonald's stuff, this would no doubt be "McDonaldisation of Bulimics" . . . well not to mention that alot of models are bulimic!

I simply forgot how fast the guy was flying the bus even when he drove on the Nursery flyover . . . These instances are a reminder for me to recite the Kalma or other Verses that would support life or even the end of it. Another such place that reminds and keeps reminding of the end of life is the road adjacent to Regent plaza which has been dug up into a trench to make fun of the road . . . I mean it's literally making fun of the road when they have to crack up again one day when it rains, same is the case with flyovers. That place has got so bumpy that if the skilled Pathan drivers don't control the sterring, the bus would no doubt fall into the trench with pillars smiling and ready to hug you . . .

Then comes the excruciating spot known as Jinnah Hospital, if you get to sit with clean doctors and house officers that's your luck day, however, if it's the target market of Jinnah Hospital as usual you end up trying to . . . well stay clean :(

Moving towards Cantt station, the place that once had a road, now lost to rain . . . After having his cigarette the bus driver had 'Hum Tum' supaari and within ten minutes after that he had a chewing gum, some brand of Hilal ! One thing that I noticed was that as he was consuming these things he continuously threw the wrappers outside the window. What's the difference between him and an educated person I thought, he being an uneducated person was doing the same thing that educated people do, they also smoke and they also dispose tiny wrappers outside on roads . . .

As the bus neared Dou Talwar I was struck by the sight of no traffic jam that day . . . I thanked God for the end of JJ Lawn exhibition, a source of attraction for many and at the same time a source of nuisance for those trying to reach their destinations on time . . .

ALAS ! My destination finally arrived, or rather I reached my destination, thanks to the driver for not speeding us to death that day ! =D

I got off and walked and walked and walked . . . There like every day were those adorable kids and lambs being sold lately . . . I patted one as I walked by. The flock of birds flying gleefully in groups usually catch my attention but this time the migratory birds added to the beauty of the sky . . . however, while crossing the road near the petrol pump you have to make sure that you don't get run over by some lunatic driver because people tend to cross the limit here . . .

and I walked and walked and walked until I was dumb founded by what I saw . . . A crow had just dropped off something from a tree, when i looked at it I tried supressing my laughter . . . It was a packet of NISWAAR !!! Amazing ...

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  1. Nice travelogue :) liked approach

  2. Excuse me hiba

    What is wrong with the Smoking specially when you said Educated people Smoke. If they are not doing in public like your fav Bus driver was doing than I guess its okay. Cmon not the smoking yaar please.

    Try a puff and than Write Sutta Badnaam Part 01 :)

  3. Oops! Pardon me monsieur :P ... did I just touch upon the nerve of a smoker.

    Actually, it's a thing of pity when educated people smoke despite being aware of the harm they are exposing themselves to and to others through passive smoking ... trust me I know a lot of educated people who smoke in public and continue smoking in the area that says 'No Smoking' ...

    I'll work on your advice for this interesting title, a lot of stuff and personalities are getting 'badnaam' these days so it's an 'in' thing (topic) ... :)