"Friends . . ."

Thursday, February 11, 2010 Heba Moeen 4 Comments

Friends come and go in life,
like footprints on sand.
Most get washed away with time,
leaving you once again like barren land.

Hardly few survive through your thick and thin,
when finally you realise friendship was a sin.
The face that had two sides . . .
gets swept away with opportunistic tides.

The truth that really offends,
is that most were never really your friends.
It is a harsh situation,
when everything seems gloomy and dark.
To embrace this realisation,
it really takes a very strong heart.

Loneliness is your best friend,
and this is how things in life will end !

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  1. This is regarding the poem : Friends-Or perhaps the absence of them.

    It's a beautiful compilation of words.
    Though I must confess to not being in agreement with the bottom line. Rather the two lines in the end.

    Thanx for affording us this beautiful specimen of poetry.

    I wish u well.
    And a truly full life.InshAllah.

    Bilal - usmile2@cyber.net.pk

  2. Thank you Bilal . . . =)

    Actually I do agree with what my teacher once said about what facilitates poetry . . . It's your extreme emotional state that triggers such stuff . . .

    I hope I don't get to agree with the last two lines too . . . =)

  3. Ms Hiba,

    I fully agree with your teacher about the catalyst that motivates poetry.
    Am very glad that you also don't happen to agree with those last two lines.
    It would take a very hurt soul to agree with that part.

    On the subject of "Friends" though, please allow me to share with you an old quote but one that happens to be amongst my favorite. Here I go :

    "In the end I was killed!
    Though not by the arrows of my enemies.
    But by the silence of my friends."

    Wishing you well.

    Bilal (usmile2@cyber.net.pk)