"Isn't Loneliness your Best Friend ? "

Monday, February 22, 2010 Heba Moeen 0 Comments

Loneliness is your best friend,
though socialising is the latest trend.

It gives you company,
in those silent hours of agony . . . 

It admires you, it embraces you,
when all that's left is virtual social residue.

It assists you, it teaches you,
that friends seem many but true ones, few !

What really facilitates the thought process,
is this friend that you always try to suppress !

It is a situation of connected disconnect,
when you don't realise the social networks, so inadequate . . . 

You might have thousands added as friends,
for it's a norm.
But it's loneliness that always makes amends,
to your desolate form . . . 

Less than 10 of these (social network friends) would serve as true friends,
in times of need despite changing trends.

You could be deserted by many throughout,
killed not by enemies but a dear friend's silent clout . . . 

It's silent loneliness that kills,
but try accepting it.
For it strengthens and builds . . . 
the mind for which it wasn't the best fit.

You think your state of mind is what everyone can comprehend?
Oh my friend you are so wrong !
How then can you deny your best friend?
You were born with and which you will die along . . .

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