"The Movie 2012 and Why it was Funny"

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 Heba Moeen 4 Comments

I know it has got pretty late to talk about this movie but I got some time to actually share my views about it. 2012 was an awesome disaster movie in terms of meticulous effects yet so funny that one would laugh rather than feel scared at the sudden twists and turns shown.
I don't understand why there are black presidents in all disaster movies and that they are among the first ones to die when an interesting natural disaster strikes. Eventually, it could be a prediction that Obama means natural destruction for the entire world =D

Apart from all similarities of all such disaster movies, 2012 seemed to be made in a hurry, somehow the director was too excited to end the world so quickly. Likewise,  USA happens to be the first one to get destroyed and while the earth is going berserk with it's shift of poles, the ground eagerly waits for John Cusack to jump away before it cracks . . .
Another interesting thing is that while the world is ending, mobile signals are still active, they probably have collaborated with the poles to keep the towers working while they sway and drown. Most importantly . . . well I can't stop laughing at this! =D The world doesn't end, it just changes it's map and stays roughly round as usual. And the enormous ship that the Chinese built is being run by the same lord of the world, mostly the Americans . . .

Oh wait! When people come out to witness the sunset towards the end, they are all wearing the same shoes . . . maybe the Chinese have taught one good lesson . . . Please do watch the movie, I wasted my time, why wouldn't I want my friends not to waste their time as well ! =)

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  1. hahahaha:P awesome:D

  2. Lol ! Are my comments funnier than the movie? =P

  3. I can't claim to have seen every terrible film in cinematic history, but in my fairly extensive watchography, 2012 is certainly in the top 5 worst ever.

  4. Hi Naveed!

    You have turned out to be a very loyal visitor. Thank you! :)

    It's just like ... the movie started, the world ended and so did the movie. And China actually turns out to be the lender of last resort for shelter. Waste of time!