"Out of Sight"

Tuesday, February 02, 2010 Heba Moeen 0 Comments

What could be seen . . .
  Is that one really a human being?
What could be heard . . .
  isn't that the sound of some wild bird?
Which now bites when fights . . .
  Is it a civilised device of any word?
The one who calls otehrs a terrorist . . .
  isn't he himself a war activist?
Watch out for the zoo that rules,
  it's the stout democracy that fools!
Those who call themselves free,
 why do they have to jump and climb the smallest tree?
Just to rattle in their un-oiled cages,
  and battle with the oilmen's wages.
Conquering the sands of gravel they find,
  ashed Earth they can't leave with good mind.
Welcome to the new century;
  where rulers can be chimps, donkeys and yet are so free!

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