Tales and Tails of Nehr-e-Khayyam" ... Episode 3

Monday, September 23, 2019 Heba Moeen 0 Comments

A scenic spot that doesn't ask Pakistanis for a passport


Introducing two characters:
1. Kuttay
2. Doggo

Doggo while dipping himself in the serene Nehr-e-Khayaam and looking like a caramel cookie, dipped in dark chocolate:

"Kuttay, I wonder what loyalty is ..." said Doggo while looking around to fetch some dead fish.
"Loyalty, my dear does not exist! You may fool yourself into believing that it does, especially because you are a dog, Doggo ... but in reality it does not ... neither does it pay you back. In fact, it bites you and it bites you hard ... you have to be like an opportunistic human to understand this ... start by trying to explain to yourself that brand loyalty does not exist ..." explained Kuttay.

"OMG ... like really? This is quite a level of existential awakening. And here I thought that it's the culmination of years of perseverance," said Doggo, "But you're likening it with inertness and personifying it with a rapid dog's attributes. Come on now, Kuttay!" said Doggo in utter disdain.

"You will not understand it until you experience it first hand," replied Kuttay, "It takes years of kicking around and running after 'inertiating' cars, and marking territories on their tyres to feel it deeply ... until the point of this depth leaving behind a vacant hole in your soul."
With this, Kuttay picked his hurt existence and jumped into the turquoise canal, creating concentric circles as Doggo counted, "One ... two ... eight ... nine. Ehhh, five ..."

Within minutes, 10 water tankers came and sucked out the entire canal's water because you know, Karachi is a water scarce city and households need water way too often than their worth. With the depleting water resources around Karachi, this too was not spared.
The canal bed had the historic, most dominating story acronym written ----- CPEC!
Haters will say they get clean tap water at home ...

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