Tales and Tails of Nehr-e-Khayyam ... Episode 2

Monday, September 23, 2019 Heba Moeen 0 Comments

A scenic spot that doesn't ask Pakistanis for a passport

While bijli left us during Karachi's first spell of rain ...
Awaited and not yet forgotten.

The old resident of the serene 'Nehr' was immersing itself from head to tail and blurting out, 'Wooh, weeh, kaah' meaning 'eureka'. I couldn't help but notice its excitement and a part of me envied the way it was enjoying itself ... oh well, in the clear turquoise water ... with shoals of fish swimming around ... In a perfect demonstration of Archimedes principle, the half dipped doggie displaced equal molecules in comparison to its weight. 

Our eyes met, the dog sheepishly smiled at me and I smiled back. It thought, 'bloody human, their species used to kill ours ... in fact cull through a targetted killing spree' and I thought ... 'pye-dog, privileged enough to enjoy itself at this vacation spot which tourists painstakingly apply for the visa for, months in advance'. Naya Pakistan was naya-er than we thought, the US Dollar was now equal to Re. 1 ... everybody was rich ... even these dogs. There was not a single beggar in the streets of the country, for all were exported to China for up-cycling, labelled as, 'BIODEGRADABLE PLASTIC'. No one dared to outstretch their hands for alms again, let alone losing temper for being given Rs. 2. Eh ... beggar arrogance ... well, no more. 

Another cruise went past and a group of people jumped out for scuba diving. Ha!

Haters will say Nehr-e-Khayyam doesn't inhabit marine life and that it's filthy or that the dogs are half black because they're dipped-in-filth-doggies ...

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