The Thought Leaders Symposium by The City School makes Waves in the Education Sector

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 Heba Moeen 2 Comments

Panel Discussion (From L to R): Abbas Husain, Syed Irfan Hyder, Rumana Hussain, Khalid Anum, Saadiya Durrani, Salman Asif Siddiqui, ZAinab Mahmood Ahmad, Saboohi Irtiza)
The City School recently organised the nation's first ever Early Years Education symposium, titled, 'Thought Leaders' that got all stakeholders under one roof to discuss emerging trends and developments vital for early childhood stages. The event flow comprised of panel discussions, speaker sessions, workshops, role play area, and mesmerising performances by children. It is an established fact based on research that the first three years are important for the brain's architecture while the first five for building emotional, social, and intellectual capabilities. 

The speaker session by the Guest of Honour of the event, Amin Hashwani really got my attention. All that he spoke about made great sense, especially considering children as unique individuals rather than sending him/her on a competition spree or ridiculing the child while comparing the poor soul to siblings, peers, or other relatives. We must realise that each person is a unique individual who is gifted by nature and we ought to discover that gift and facilitate it. Amin's words had their spell on me and made me nostalgic regarding my childhood days. Some children might not be good at a particular subject, that doesn't mean they are dumb and by comparing them with some 'brilliant other' you're killing their capability of being exceptionally good at something else. As Einstein once said, 'Everybody is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.' 

Amin stressed upon the need to make house wives quality conscious for a better society and this is what had been religiously followed in Japan which reaped benefits in the form of prominent nation. He further highlighted the fact that Pakistan was the first Asian tiger and today despite having a lot, we lag behind the world in several aspects. "If we are looking for Naya Pakistan, we should look at what we had in Purana Pakistan of 1947. Let's try and begin back and therein will lie answers to a lot of questions that we are facing," said he. 

Amin Hashwani is the Founder of Charter of Compassion, and Executive Director, Hashwani Group. He is also the Vice President of I AM KARACHI.
Listen to his words and you'll know for yourself:

Saboohi Irtiza, GM Early Years Academics, the brains behind this programme expressed that The City School has created a curriculum where each child is focused upon based on his/her personalised level of needs. This is something one can readily relate to what Philip Hallworth, Director Academics mentioned, 'actively learning and not passively doing.' 

Saboohi Irtiza, GM EYE Education with Philip Hallworth, Director Academics at TCS
Soon, the classroom setup at schools will evolve and hopefully there shall come a day when our literacy rate would surge and not account for more than those people who can only sign their names. There is no way, Pakistan's literacy rate is 60% as a lot needs to be done to educate our nation to become intellectual elites starting from the grassroots level.
Disclaimer: Amin Hashwani's video has been extracted from the main video shared on The City School's official Youtube channel.


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  1. its not education, its business and business is an activity seeking profit.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Ali. If this is what you feel about education institutes then what do you think is the solution in this part of the world?