March 23 and Karachi

Thursday, March 30, 2017 Heba Moeen 1 Comments

On March 23, last week, we made an impromptu plan in a nick of time. We decided to go be part of the Air Show presented by the Pakistan Airforce and though it was evident that we would end up being late, it turned out to be completely worth it.

What we ended up watching was the last 10 minutes of the show but it was worth time and presence. The way the planes came flying and people would start clapping to watch them pull off their stunts was simply amazing. Among a crowd comprising of hundreds of people and decent people, the patriotic environment created added value to the venue. Watching it all on TV wouldn't have been as exciting as this element would have been missed out.

Below are some pictures of the PAF planes that I froze in time with my camera. Until next time when I would be punctual and pounce on the best spot for photography, let's have peace with what I have got now.

Here's a glimpse of the show


And then knowing that the day wasn't over for us, we, the trio comprising of myself, my nephew and my mother went ahead at the beach, not to mention that the stench was horrid but that's how Sea View is unfortunately. At least the camels and the horses were clean and colourful. Below is one such picture of a handsome camel that I captured through my bestie, my camera.

And so it happened; I spoke to the camel rider for my nephew, however, the little one who is not so little (he is 7) was scared for a ride alone which made me join in. Although it was an exciting few moments, my legs decided that they wanted to abandon my body after a while, especially when the camel, let's call it Sheeda ... when Sheeda started hopping. Surprisingly, I don't recall the last time when I went for a camel ride, it seems to be decades ever since. And the next three days weren't too good for my tendons and muscles, I felt like a drug addict facing withdrawal symptoms, or that's perhaps how it is, not that I have ever tried abusive drugs. The only drug I often use is coffee.

Sheeda was clad in radiantly arranged pompons and was all smiles for the camera. Camels are natural posers and they seem to smile most of the time if you haven't noticed it before, now is the time to do so.

Below is my favourite shot of the day, hopping about was Sheeda amongst the serenity of the sand and strong gusts of wind, not knowing what tomorrow would bring! 

Turns out that the camel rider was a good photographer, I handed him my phone is this is what he snapped, a lovely picture! Samsung is pure love!

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