KFC goes an Extra Mile

Thursday, March 30, 2017 Heba Moeen 2 Comments

Zindagi Trust school children having a great time at KFC
Pakistan is one of the most philanthropic nations in the world, this is evident from the many giving hands all across the country. Pakistan Observer states that according to the study by Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy, individual philanthropy was calculated at Rs. 240 billion in 2015.

KFC quite recently is becoming famous for its Mitao Bhook campaign which has revealed a very generous and socially responsive side of the organisation. This campaign revolves around education and donation specific donation; KFC donates Rs. 50 to the underprivileged strata of the society on the sale of every fried chicken bucket. In the past, they have collaborated with the Deaf Reach school. 

This time, KFC executed a CSR activity, thus inviting children of Zindagi Trust for a treat while celebrating Pakistan Resolution Day together. The fast food chain has been able to raise Rs. 70 million for the trust and this time decided to go an extra mile and venture into running two of it's schools. 
On March 23, KFC therefore invited a school from Zindagi Trust that it has been jointly running for the under privileged children. The Khayaban-e-Itthad outlet thus highlighted the collaborative effort and agenda for the day with respect to the achievements attained so far. Education and literacy are now the point of focus for KFC in terms of giving the nation back from its existing profits and emerging as a socially responsive brand. The school children made the most of the moment and sang national songs to add to the patriotic feel.

KFC's CEO, Raza Pirbhai encouraged these children to think ahead and complete their education because it's now possible to reach great heights, thanks to special trusts and organisations like these.

Quite a number of celebrities and people from the blogosphere joined in to have fun with these kids and enjoy the delicious chicken because it's 'finger lickin good!'


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